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Personal Injury 101: The Low Ball Offer

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January 22, 2021
Edward Smith

The Insultingly Low Offer

The harsh reality is that insurance companies have the advantage when injured people choose to represent themselves after an automobile accident.  You only need to witnesses the number of television commercials featuring Flo, the emu, and the gecko to know that the insurance companies have deep pockets and the upper hand when it comes to monetary resources.  Even if you are able to present your case effectively, there are many reasons why the insurance adjuster will likely still present you with a low ball offer.

Watch the YouTube Video.  Patrick Mahomes is an NFL superstar.  It must have cost State Farm a lot of money to have him star in their commercial.

Saving Money is The Job

The sole purpose of an insurance adjuster’s job is to save as much of the insurance company’s money as possible.  That translates into paying as little as possible on your injury claim.  Adjusters understand the reasons that unrepresented individuals may be more likely to settle for low offers.  Some of those reasons are:

  • Lack of time and knowledge with regard to gathering evidence and properly completing paperwork
  • The potential failure to meet all necessary legal deadlines
  • Improper proof of negligence
  • Incomplete or irrelevant evidence
  • Miscalculation of claimed damages
  • The empty threat of taking legal action without an attorney

Can an Attorney Get Me More Money?

While there is no guarantee, in our experience, once an attorney is on board, insurance companies usually increase their offers.  This may be because the attorney is better able to present evidence and argue the merits of the claim, or because the insurance company knows that if they do not present a reasonable offer, the attorney will file a lawsuit.  In nearly all circumstances, the tone of negotiations will change once an attorney takes over the case.  It has the effect of evening out the playing field since an experienced personal injury lawyer will know all the tricks and tactics used by the insurance adjusters.  

The No-Obligation Consultation

The good news is that you can investigate whether it is in your best interest to hire an attorney without having to pay a fee.  If you have attempted to handle your case on your own and have found that the insurance company refuses to budge on their low ball offer, it is in your best interest to meet with a personal injury lawyer.  Most attorneys will set up a consultation to evaluate the merits of your case free of charge and with no obligation to sign a contract.  A skilled attorney can then give you an honest assessment of the potential value of your case.  An attorney with integrity will advise you as to whether they think they will be able to increase the value of your case as it is currently assessed by the insurance company.

Stockton Personal Injury Lawyer

Hello.  Thank you for reading our discussion of the low ball offer.  I’m Ed Smith, and I have been a personal injury attorney in Stockton, California, for more than 38 years.  The highways of Northern California have become increasingly dangerous as more people travel at excessive speeds.  Every day there is an unacceptable number of accidents on Interstate 5 and State Route 99.  If you have been involved in a collision caused by a reckless or careless driver and suffered injuries, please call us for legal help.  Our injury lawyers will be happy to dispense free and friendly advice.  Following a phone conversation, if appropriate, we can then schedule a no-charge consultation during which we will more thoroughly review the details of your potential case.  If you are from the Stockton area, call us on our local number: (209) 227-1931.  For those that are outside of the (209) area code, use our toll-free line: (800) 404-5400.  If you prefer, there is also an online contact link on our website.

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