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Pedestrian Suffers Deadly Injuries During Yreka Collision

Pedestrian Suffers Fatal Injuries During Yreka Collision

On Friday, January 22, 2021, a pedestrian was fatally injured during a Yreka collision. Shasta County authorities have not yet reported the name of the decedent but indicated that he was identified as a 70-year-old Yreka resident. No other individuals suffered injuries in the crash, and the incident remains under active investigation at this time.

Crash Details

The Yreka Police Department (YPD) reports that the accident occurred at around 6:30 p.m. on South Main Street close to the Valero gas station in central Yreka. According to police, the pedestrian was crossing S. Main outside of a crosswalk when he was struck by an oncoming vehicle traveling at around 35 miles per hour. No further details about the incident had been released at the time of reporting.

After the collision took place, police received phone notification and immediately rushed emergency personnel to the area. At the scene, responders found the pedestrian lying in the road with severe trauma. Sadly, the man lost his life on-site.

Investigation of Yreka Collision

As YPD officers continue their accident investigation, no likely causes have been reported. Pedestrian-involved auto accidents are common and frequently involve factors that neither pedestrians nor drivers have the ability to control. Such factors can include things like driving vehicles that have malfunctioning or poorly built parts as well as using roads with dangerous design or inadequate pedestrian protections. In both of these cases, parties other than the pedestrian and/or driver may be considered at-fault.

Private Investigations are Important

Police can have a difficult time investigating collisions like this one because they aren’t able to hear the pedestrian’s side of the story. For this reason, officers may have an incomplete picture of what happened and are liable to leave important evidence uncovered. Sadly, this might mean that family members and/or dependents of the decedent will not be able to obtain the fair compensation that they deserve from negligent parties.

In order to ensure your family receives a fair accident investigation, it’s best to contact a Yreka wrongful death lawyer. An attorney with experience conducting their own collision investigations can commit time and resources toward defending your family’s rights and uncovering critical evidence of negligence.

Finding an Excellent Lawyer

Families facing the sudden death of a loved one are in a difficult position. Wrongful death claims can be critical to your financial security, but how can you find a lawyer who you know you can trust to handle your case effectively? Thankfully, it isn’t difficult to get in touch with a trustworthy Yreka wrongful death lawyer. For information about finding an attorney near you, take a moment to watch this short video:


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