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Pedestrian Hit and Run Accident in Sacramento

Pedestrian Hit and Run Accident in Sacramento

A pedestrian hit and run accident occurred at the southeast corner of Broadway and 33rd Street near the Pacific Charter Institute on October 28. The Sacramento Police and rescue operations of the Sacramento Fire Department found the as yet unknown pedestrian lying on the pavement at this location. According to witnesses, the pedestrian hit and run accident involved a red PT Cruiser. The driver fled the scene heading east on Broadway toward Martin Luther King Boulevard without stopping. The pedestrian was awake at the scene and able to converse with responders. The pedestrian was transported to a local hospital for treatment and evaluation of what appeared to be moderate injuries upon initial evaluation. An active investigation into the accident is ongoing at this time. 

Pedestrian Hit and Run Accidents

Hit and run accidents involving a pedestrian can have both civil and criminal consequences for the motorist. By leaving the scene, the driver faces criminal charges that can be enhanced if the motorist was intoxicated or the pedestrian dies. For instance, if the driver was recklessly speeding when the pedestrian hit and run accident occurred, they might be charged with vehicular manslaughter. 

Civil Consequences of a Pedestrian Hit and Run Accident

If the motorist was at fault for the accident, a personal injury claim could be made against the driver or his or her insurance. This allows the injured party to recover financial damages caused by the accident. Damages include medical costs, loss of income, and pain and suffering, among others. The key to lodging an injury claim focuses on the driver’s negligence. If the driver is apprehended and convicted of a hit and run, this can be used as proof in the civil case. Other means of establishing negligence include witness reports, traffic surveillance videos or those obtained from nearby businesses. Additional aspects of the accident, such as whether the driver was speeding or driving recklessly, help in proving fault. Taken as a whole, this information can establish who was responsible for the accident, thus proving negligence. 

Who Pays for a Hit and Run Accident?

Many clients ask who will pay for the expenses associated with a hit and run accident if the perpetrator is unknown. In California, the answer to that question is relatively simple – your own automobile insurance will take over. There is one caveat though. You must have uninsured motorist protection. All insurance companies in the state must offer it to their clients and obtain a waiver from them if they refuse. Uninsured/underinsured coverage pays for injuries suffered by the policyholder and their family. UIM protection also covers you if you are in a pedestrian hit and run accident or hurt while riding a bicycle.

What Happens If the Injured Party Does Not Have Insurance?

This is covered if a family member living with the injured party has auto insurance with uninsured motorist protection. The injured pedestrian, motor vehicle passenger, or cyclist can rely on this to cover their medical bills, lost income, and other damages. Using uninsured motorist protection in this way does not increase the policy holder’s premium.

What an Attorney Can Do to Help

Our firm treats each case as a way to protect an injured person from financial harm after an accident with a negligent party. We believe that no one should pay for another person’s mistakes. To do this, we send our investigators to the scene of the accident immediately. There, they search for evidence using accident reconstruction techniques, interview witnesses, and obtain video footage of the crash. We also examine police reports for inaccuracies. Once all accident information is acquired, our investigative team releases the data to our lawyers, who use it to build a strong case for our client.

Sacramento Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

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