Pedestrian Fatality Occurs in Fairfield

Accident on North Texas Street Causes Death of Pedestrian

A pedestrian fatality occurred in Fairfield on March 18 when they were struck by a motor vehicle. The fatal accident happened around 6:23 a.m. along North Texas Street at its intersection with Pacific Avenue, according to the Fairfield Police Department. The pedestrian was transported to a nearby hospital where he was declared dead later. 

Driver Remains at Scene of Pedestrian Fatality Accident

The vehicle driver that hit the pedestrian stayed at the accident scene, cooperating with the investigation by authorities. It is not believed that either alcohol or speed was involved as a factor in the collision. North Texas Street was closed to traffic for several hours while an investigation into the collision was held.

Claims for Wrongful Death

Our injury lawyers at have successfully helped many families who have lost a loved one due to a wrongful death. In the immediate aftermath of losing someone they love, families might not think about filing a claim to recover damages when a loved one dies suddenly. Nevertheless, they are likely to experience financial hardship soon after the pedestrian fatality, especially if they relied on that person to contribute to the family’s support and care. 

The filing of a wrongful death claim is not just about recovering financial losses but can also help provide family members with closure and justice for the loss of their loved one. Despite not alleviating their grief, it can help them reduce their financial struggles in the future and give them a fresh start. 

Compensation and Who Is Eligible to File a Claim

A wrongful death lawsuit can be filed after a pedestrian fatality accident occurs because of negligence. There are two ways in which to file for wrongful death. The first is when the administrator of the deceased person’s estate files the claim. In the second, the surviving immediate family members may file. 

Dependents of the Decedent May Join Together to File a Wrongful Death Claim

Dependents who join in the claim following the pedestrian fatality accident include the spouse or putative spouse (someone who believed they were a married couple) and children, both natural and adopted. Stepchildren or parents of the decedent who obtained at least half their support from the deceased may join in the claim also. Compensation that can be recovered by filing a wrongful death lawsuit includes:

  • The expenses associated with a funeral and burial can be recovered.
  • The earnings the decedent would have made in their job until the age of retirement can be recovered. Recovery of damages includes insurance and pension benefits, bonuses, tips and the value of other perks of the job.
  • In some claims, the amount beneficiaries would have received in the future if the deceased had lived is recovered as loss of inheritance.
  • Losses of consortium, comfort, moral support and affection can be recovered by the surviving spouse, putative spouse, or partner. 
  • Losses suffered by children due to the lack of the decedent’s care, training, or guidance can be recovered.
  • The estate is compensated for losses related to household services such as lawn and vehicle care, childcare and other tasks the decedent performed around the home.
  • If the death was deliberate or egregious, the family may be able to request punitive damages in a civil court case. 

Fairfield Personal Injury & Wrongful Death Lawyers

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