Pedestrian Fatality Occurs in Afternoon Collision In East Sacramento

Traffic Accident on Folsom Boulevard Takes Life of Female Pedestrian

A pedestrian fatality occurred in East Sacramento on January 13, which is being investigated by police. The crash occurred around 1:20 in the afternoon along Folsom Boulevard at 60th Street, according to a report by the Sacramento Police Department. There were two cars involved in the collision, however, neither driver suffered injuries that were significant.  

The Two Drivers in the Accident Remained at Scene of Pedestrian Fatality

Although the female pedestrian was transported to a hospital, she was declared dead there. The area of Folsom Boulevard where the pedestrian fatality occurred was expected to remain shut down to traffic for several hours while an investigation was undertaken. 

Causes of a Pedestrian Fatality

Most accidents, injuries, and fatalities occur because of negligence. It’s our job to find out how the pedestrian fatality accident occurred and why. In this way, the grieving family can file a claim to recover the compensation they will certainly need to move forward. Common types of negligence that cause a pedestrian fatality include:

  • A pedestrian is crossing the street, and a speeding driver cannot stop in time to avoid colliding with them.
  • A motorist is busily texting or talking on their cell phone and doesn’t look up in time to see someone on foot in their path, causing a pedestrian fatality accident.
  • An intoxicated driver has trouble focusing and managing the accelerator and brakes on their car. Because of this, the driver ends up causing a pedestrian fatality accident.
  • The crossing lights at the intersection are malfunctioning, and the driver thinks it is safe to go – so does the pedestrian. The government agency in charge of maintenance can be held liable for a pedestrian fatality in these cases.
  • The driver is sleepy from staying up too late the night before or from performing shift work. It has been shown that a fatigued motorist is just as dangerous as a drunk driver.
  • A mechanical defect in a car affects the brakes, accelerator, or ability to steer. In cases such as these, the manufacturer may be liable for a pedestrian fatality by filing an auto product liability claim.

Losing a Loved One in a Pedestrian Fatality

The loss of a loved one is hard on the family even when death was expected. Unexpected accidents that result in a family member’s demise due to negligence can be catastrophic. In a moment, the family is facing the decedent’s absence and their own grief, anger, and helplessness that their loved one’s life ended this way. 

At our law firm, we know the family needs answers about how the accident happened. They want justice for their loved ones when the wrongful death was due to negligence on the part of another driver or entity. That is where we can help. It is bad enough that the family must lose a loved one. It adds to their stress when they have to worry about how they will survive monetarily, especially if the deceased provided financial support.

What a Wrongful Death Lawsuit Can Do

A wrongful death lawsuit reclaims the following for the family:

  • The cost of funeral and burial expenses
  • The wages the decedent would have earned until they retired
  • The work-related benefits the deceased would have earned
  • The physical and emotional love of a spouse that is absent after the decedent’s demise
  • The training, affection, and financial help that would have been provided to the decedent’s children and stepchildren.

How Injury Lawyers Can Help Following a Wrongful Death

Injury lawyers charge their clients on a contingency basis, so the family pays nothing until the case has been won. When you call our injury lawyers, we can set up a free virtual or in-person meeting in which we can review the accident, tell you about options for compensation and answer all of your questions. Our job is to take the burden from your shoulders. Although obtaining compensation won’t ease your pain and sense of loss, it can relieve the financial stress that sudden death brings. 

Wrongful Death Lawyer in Sacramento

I am Ed Smith, and I am a Sacramento wrongful death lawyer. When your loved one’s life is snatched away by a negligent motorist, the family may want to find out about filing a wrongful death claim. You are welcome to phone us for our compassionate, free and friendly advice at (916) 921-6400. We can also be reached at (800) 404-5400 or by sending us a message online.

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