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September 02, 2019
Edward Smith

Pedestrian Accident Occurs in Carmichael

A pedestrian accident with a pickup truck caused injuries in Carmichael on August 30 in a residential neighborhood. The accident happened shortly before 10:30 in the morning at Columbine Way and Denver Drive, which is located east of Manzanita Avenue, when the driver of a Ford F-250 collided with a 35-year-old man. The pedestrian was transported to a hospital in Roseville for treatment and additional evaluation of his injuries. The accident is being investigated by the California Highway Patrol (CHP) to determine how it occurred.

What an Attorney Can Do for You

Pedestrian accidents happen all too often in California and cause serious injuries and deaths. When you are injured, your time and energy is often focused on recovering; however, there are financial problems you need to deal with. The help an injury lawyer can provide under such circumstances is critical to obtaining the monetary compensation you deserve. Our firm dispatches an investigative team to the accident site to search for evidence, interview witnesses, and obtain video footage from traffic cameras or those on businesses nearby. Once the data is obtained, we turn it over to our legal team to structure a strong case against the at-fault driver. This is used to deal with insurance companies or present in civil court.

Pedestrian Accidents

Close to 6,000 pedestrians are killed in traffic accidents annually in this country. States such as California rank high due in part to the weather and congested traffic, especially at intersections. Some of the other reasons for pedestrian accidents include:

  • Distracted driving
  • Failure to use turn signals
  • Drunk or drugged driving
  • Failure to yield to pedestrians, particularly at intersections or in crosswalks
  • Speeding vehicles
  • Non-functioning traffic and pedestrian crossing lights
  • Lack of sidewalks, forcing pedestrians to walk in the road
  • Poor design or maintenance of crossing areas
  • Lack of proper lighting
  • Poorly designed parking lots

Pedestrian Accidents and Speeding

Drivers who exceed the speed limit are more likely to be unable to stop when a pedestrian comes into view. In addition, the speed often dictates the degree of injury. For instance, a vehicle moving at 16 mph has a 10-percent chance of causing a severe injury. Another vehicle moving at 32 mph is 25 percent likely to seriously injure a pedestrian. A driver who is traveling 58 mph has a 90-percent chance of causing serious injury. Many cities are lowering the speed limit in intersections with good results. 

Other Causes of Pedestrian Accidents

Not all pedestrian accidents occur when someone is out for a walk. Many others occur when someone leaves their vehicle after an accident either on a city street or on the highway. Others happen when a car breaks down, and the driver exits it to see what happened. The take-home here is that standing around a broken down vehicle or one involved in an accident on a busy thoroughfare is a good way to be injured in a pedestrian accident. It is best to remain in the vehicle, as long as it is safe, and call the police or a road service company.

Carmichael Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

I’m Ed Smith, a Carmichael pedestrian accident lawyer. If negligence caused your accident injury, you may be able to place a claim for compensation. This includes for the time you lost from work, your medical expenses, and for your pain and suffering. To speak to me and hear my free and friendly advice, call me at (916) 921-6400. Others outside the area code can contact me at (800) 404-5400 toll-free. An online form is also available at

During my 37 years practicing as a Carmichael injury lawyer, I’ve handled numerous cases, including traumatic brain injuries, many kinds of traffic accidents and loss of a loved one due to a wrongful death.

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