Oxnard Minor Hurt in Drugged-Driving Accident


Oxnard Minor Hurt in Drugged-Driving Accident

I’m Ed Smith, an Oxnard personal injury lawyer. An SUV that crashed through an outer wall of a home in Oxnard on May 14 injured one of three children who were in the room at the time. One of the children suffered injuries that were minor from the incident.

What Happened

The incident occurred shortly after 3:00 in the afternoon at a home on Juneberry Place. The man, later identified as being 19 years of age, who was driving northward on Lantana, veered off the road. The vehicle went through a wall of the house and entered a bedroom where the children were. Officers from the Oxnard Police Department arrived shortly afterward to discover that the SUV driver had left the scene.

Capture of the Hit and Run Driver

A witness reportedly tailed the vehicle and informed the authorities where the driver was. The man was arrested on suspicion of DUI for drugs and hit and run. He was transported to a medical facility to be cleared.

Drugged Driving

A National Survey on Drug Use and Health, conducted in 2014 under the auspices of the Health Services Administration, reported that 10 million drivers who were age 12 or over, admitted to having used drugs before doing so. This risky behavior of drugged driving can alter the attention a driver is paying, slow reaction time in an emergency and cause reckless behaviors. In California, it is illegal to use drugs and drive. Drugs include prescribed medications, over-the-counter medications, illicit drugs and marijuana, whether it is being used recreationally or to treat a medical ailment.

Pedestrian Hit and Run Accidents

This type of accident can result in some of the most serious injuries due to the vulnerability of a pedestrian versus a motor vehicle. Head and brain injuries, spinal cord injuries and vertebral fractures are just a few.

Medical costs can become overwhelming, particularly when long-term aftercare is needed. The ability to recover damages to pay the expenses of a serious injury doesn’t lessen the trauma but does address the financial losses the injury victim sustains. Such losses include medical expenses, income loss present and future, loss of consortium and out-of-pocket expenses. An experienced personal injury attorney can help make sure that you get the maximum compensation that you deserve.

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