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Overturn Collision in Grass Valley

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September 18, 2017
Edward Smith


Overturn Collision in Grass Valley

I’m Ed Smith, a Grass Valley Car Accident Lawyer. Two vehicles involved in a collision caused delays in the normal traffic flow last week.

What Happened?

Sometime on Monday afternoon, a black, older model Toyota Tacoma pickup truck was leaving the AutoZone Parking lot on Brunswick Road in Grass Valley. The driver of the pickup truck pulled out into the road and must not have seen the oncoming white Subaru Forester. The Subaru, heading west on Brunswick Road did not have enough time to react as the driver saw the Toyota Tacoma pull out directly in front of it. The two vehicles collided with the front of the Forester hitting broadside on the driver’s door of the Tacoma.

The force of the impact was so great that it spun the pickup truck ninety degrees in a counter-clockwise fashion. The rapid spinning also caused the truck to flip onto its passenger side where it came to a stop facing east. Grass Valley Police Sergeant Clint Bates was one of the officers who tended to the car accident and said that Police closed down part of the roadway and directed traffic around with scene with traffic control personnel. Sergeant Bates also told news writers that no injuries were reported by the victims of the crash.

How did this Happen?

With the limited information available it is hard to determine why these two vehicles smashed into each other. One possibility is inattentiveness by one or both of the drivers. The driver of the Subaru may have been looking away from the truck or road, not expecting a vehicle to pull out because they had the right-of-way. The driver of the Toyota could have been wanting to turn left and mainly focusing their attention to the far lanes and tried to cross thinking it was clear on both sides.

When pulling out of a driveway or parking lot it is a good idea to look both ways a couple of times each to gauge how fast the oncoming traffic is moving. One quick glance does not give your brain enough information to measure relative speed of surrounding objects. Looking for more than a second each way will allow you time  to maneuver safely.

Possible Injuries

Although there were no injuries reported in this accident, an impact strong enough to flip a vehicle onto its side can have some adverse effects on the body. Muscle soreness can be expected by both victims of the car accident. When your body is subjected to rapid changes in direction, your muscles will automatically tense up to retain posture and resist being thrown around. This can result in pulled muscles, soreness or even tears if the impact is violent enough. Chiropractors and Physical Therapists can help calm down the aggravated muscles and allow the body to relax and heal properly.

With the nature of the impact, it is very likely that the driver of the Toyota Tacoma could have hit their head on the door or window. Older model vehicles do not have curtain airbags to protect passengers from hitting their heads during broadside impacts. Oftentimes, concussions may not be apparent at first but can start showing signs and symptoms up to several weeks later. Bone fractures are also very common in collisions but are usually easily and immediately detectable by an injured party.

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