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November 22, 2019
Edward Smith

Over The Counter Device Provides Pain Relief

Recently, it was announced that a novel over the counter electromagnetic neuromodulation device has been developed that can help people who suffer from chronic pain. Without a doubt, chronic pain is one of the most pressing issues facing the medical community. Unfortunately, developing long-term treatment options for those who suffer from chronic pain has been a difficult challenge. Current treatment options have focused on pills, which have dangerous side effects, and surgical procedures, which may not be effective.

Now, there might be a new treatment option. A team of researchers recently published a study showing that a novel over the counter device may be an effective option for chronic pain treatment while also minimizing any potential side effects. It will be exciting to see if this device provides pain relief for countless people.

How Does This Over The Counter Device Work?

There has been a growing push to make non-medicinal options available in the treatment of chronic pain. This has largely grown out of the concerns related to the recent opioid crisis. This over the counter device is an example of a non-medicinal treatment option that minimizes side effects.

The device works by using electrical and magnetic pulses to control the activity of nerves that might be sending out pain signals. This is similar to the transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) treatment that people might have tried. One of the benefits of this new treatment method is that it is less invasive. For this reason, it does not require a prescription.

The Design of the Research Study

A team of researchers from Duke University conducted a study with more than 200 individuals who suffer from chronic pain. Nearly all of the participants had used prescription medications in the past in an attempt to control their pain. Sadly, this did not work. On average, these individuals had been in pain for more than six years.

The patients were enrolled in a trial involving the novel electromagnetic neuromodulation device. The device was gently placed on the skin and emitted signals to modulate the activity of the nerves. Patients used the device regularly and were questioned regarding their pain during a six month period. Then, their responses were charted and analyzed for trends.

The Results of the Research Study

After only seven days of using the device, the individuals in the study reported an average pain reduction of close to two-thirds. Even six months later, their pain had not returned to its baseline level. The patients still reported an average pain reduction of about 60 percent. This is a stark contrast when compared to other treatment methods where the pain often rebounds after starting treatment.

Importantly, none of the patients reported suffering from side effects. This means that this over the counter device is safer than using prescription medications or having a surgical procedure for chronic pain treatment. The lack of side effects makes this device an attractive treatment option.

Future Directions in Pain Treatment

Overall, 97 percent of the patients enrolled in this study reported improvement in their chronic pain. This device also proved effective in sustained pain relief over a six month period. This treatment may provide a suitable alternative in the field of pain management. It will be exciting to see if this over the counter treatment method will provide relief to the countless people who suffer from chronic pain every day.

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