OTS Ranks Modesto Second Worst for Car Crashes

Modesto Ranked Second Worst Among its Peer Cities for Traffic Crashes 

According to the latest rankings from the California Office of Traffic Safety (OTS), Modesto drivers are ranked the second worst for auto accidents among its peer cities across California. The rankings examined over a dozen traffic collisions, including crashes involving DUI, pedestrians, bicyclists, hit-and-run, and more.

The OTS 2020 Crash Ranking Results, released earlier this month, place California cities in groups based on their population. Modesto is one of the 61 cities in the Golden State, with a population between 100,001 to 250,000. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Modesto had about 219,000 residents as of July 2021.

Results from OTS’s 2020 Crash Ranking Data

In calculating the rankings, the OTS looked at various factors, such as the number of collisions, miles driven, and population. The crash ranking results found that among the 61 cities, Modesto ranked:

Modesto Ranked Poorly in Recent Years

This is not the first time Modesto has ranked poorly. The OTS ranked the city worst in 2017, again in 2019, and second worst in 2018. Drivers speeding and running stop signs and red lights are some of Modesto’s most complained about traffic violations.

Modesto’s 2020 traffic accident numbers were lower than those for 2017 through 2019, possibly due to the pandemic that kept many people home. However, Modesto still placed second worst compared to similar cities in 2020. According to OTS data, Modesto had:

  • 1,726 fatal and injury crashes in 2020
  • 2,059 fatal and injury crashes in 2019
  • 1,987 fatal and injury crashes in 2018
  • 2,141 fatal and injury crashes in 2017

The OTS issued a caution about its rankings, saying many factors may overstate or understate a city ranking that must be evaluated based on local circumstances.

Concerns Call for Improved Traffic Safety

This concerns Modesto Mayor Sue Zwahlen, who said improving traffic safety in the city is essential. Mayor Zwahlen said she has worked as a hospital emergency room nurse for 37 years and knows from personal experience the pain someone feels when a loved one is severely injured or killed in a car crash.

The Modesto Police Department is creating a plan for traffic improvement. The factors for traffic safety include enforcement, road design, and public education campaigns. Mayor Zwahlen urges drivers to obey traffic laws, slow down, and pay attention to their surroundings.

Modesto will gain more revenue for traffic enforcement next fiscal year after Measure H, a 1% sales tax increase, was approved in November. The taxes will take effect on April 1, 2023, and are expected to bring nearly $40 million to the city’s general fund annually. The City Council said the additional fund will enhance public safety, such as faster 911 response times, safer parks, reduced neighborhood blight, and traffic enforcement.

Getting Help for Injuries in a Traffic Accident

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