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Oroville Resident Identified After Marin Train Accident

Oroville Resident Identified After Marin Train Collision

On Tuesday, July 14, 2020, Marin County officials released the identity of an Oroville resident who tragically passed away during an area train accident. The man was identified as Martin Ray Hoffman Jr., and reportedly had residences in both Oroville and San Rafael. The crash occurred around a week earlier on July 3, and officials say that there was a delay in notifying the man’s family because he had no relatives living in California.

Accident Information

The accident occurred just before 7:05 p.m. at the North San Pedro Civic Center Station for the SMART train that runs between Marin and Sonoma Counties. Hoffman had been riding a bicycle over tracks when he was hit head-on by an oncoming train. Emergency responders arrived at the crash scene shortly after it took place and determined that Hoffman had sustained critical injuries. The man was transported to the Marin General Hospital for emergency treatment. However, he was tragically pronounced deceased while in hospital custody.

According to reports, the incident is still under an active investigation by relevant authorities.

The Impact of a Deadly Accident

Deadly accidents can be very difficult for families. The pain of suddenly losing a person that you love can be overwhelming, and it’s often hard for grieving people to keep up with their normal daily lives. During the period of time following a fatal accident, it’s important for families to spend time together and to take what steps they can to take care of themselves.

However, it’s often impossible to focus on processing your grief after an accident because of pressing financial concerns. Suddenly losing a member of your family can leave you without a source of income that you used to rely on. In many cases, family members are also left with hospital bills for services rendered before their loved one passed. Furthermore, many people aren’t aware of the steep costs of burial and funeral services. Taken altogether, these financial concerns can make families worried about what they will be able to do to recover after such a traumatic loss.

Getting Help

Fortunately, many people who’ve lost loved ones in accidents can get help by reaching out to an Oroville wrongful death lawyer. A skilled attorney can help you file a wrongful death claim and hold at-fault parties and/or insurance companies responsible for the damages that you have suffered. Through claiming wrongful death compensation, many families are able to obtain the money they need to go forward with the grieving process without needing to worry about finances.

Understanding Wrongful Death Damages

It’s not possible to replace a person that you care about. However, wrongful death cases do include a wide variety of recoverable damages to help the families of decedents. These damages include both economic losses like medical bills and lost income as well as non-economic damages related to personal suffering. Learn more by taking a moment to watch this short and helpful video:

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