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Oroville Accident Fatality

Oroville Accident Fatality

Oroville Accident Fatality

I’m Ed Smith, an Oroville personal injury lawyer. Local authorities reported that a crash occurred on Friday, June 1, 2018, south of Oroville. Reports state that the accident left one man with injuries that cost him his life. According to California Highway Patrol (CHP), this man was the only person involved in the fatal collision. CHP is still investigating the crash and has not yet released a full report regarding the details of the incident. The Butte County Sheriff’s Office hasn’t released the identity of the fatally injured man as they are still notifying his next-of-kin. My sympathy is with the man’s family and friends who are currently grieving over the loss of their loved one.

Crash Information

CHP stated that the accident happened on a rural road south of the small community of Gridley just a few miles from Oroville. According to officers, at about 7:30 in the evening, a vehicle had been driving along French Avenue. For unknown reasons, the vehicle drove off of the roadway and traveled into a nearby ditch. The ditch had been full of water at the time, and when responding officers arrived, the car was at least partly underwater.

Only one vehicle was found at the accident scene. CHP stated that they are planning to release more information about this crash at a later time, but no updates had been reported as of Tuesday, June 5, 2018.


After they were notified about the accident, CHP sent emergency officers and medics to respond. Once they arrived at the scene, responders found that the driver of the vehicle had been fatally injured as a result of the collision.


Investigators are still trying to understand what caused this fatal accident. So far, no suspected causes have been reported. However, factors that commonly cause accidents like this one include phantom vehicles, car part defects such as faulty power steering or malfunctioning brakes, dangerous roads, driver distraction, and more.

Phantom Vehicles

When a reckless driver causes a crash but never makes contact with another driver’s car, it is often referred to as a “phantom vehicle” accident. These accidents are like hit-and-run collisions because the at-fault driver often cannot be found and therefore can not be held responsible for their actions. However, those who have suffered damages because of a phantom vehicle can often still claim money from their insurance company through Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Protection (UM). To learn more about how to get payments for your personal injury or wrongful death damages through UM, contact an experienced car accident lawyer.

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