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Orland Two-Vehicle Crash Causes Injuries

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June 26, 2024
Edward Smith

Injuries Occur in Orland Two-Vehicle Crash at Detour Road Intersection

An Orland two-vehicle crash on June 24 caused trauma to at least one person. The accident happened at the Detour Road intersection with County Road 24 around 8:35 a.m., according to the California Highway Patrol (CHP) incident report. Glenn County Sheriff’s Office deputies were also at the scene. The accident involved a Jeep and another sedan blocking the roadway. 

Orland Two-Vehicle Crash 

Flight care was called to the scene, and emergency vehicles blocked the roadway. No additional information was provided about injuries to those involved. Tow trucks were called to remove both vehicles. The investigation into the accident is underway by CHP traffic crash detectives.

Rural Road Collisions

Because of its location, an Orland two-vehicle crash that occurs in the country can be difficult to investigate. Those who are injured in such a collision have the right to file an injury claim to recover damages from the at-fault party. Recoverable compensation includes:

  • Lost wages are recoverable, encompassing areas such as your pension and insurance benefits. It’s vital to account for any time you have missed work due to the injury, as well as any impact on your ability to earn in the future. Detailed records of your employment history and income will support your claim for lost wages, ensuring that all financial losses are properly compensated.
  • Medical costs are recoverable, covering a wide range of expenses, including hospitalization, surgeries, tests, doctors’ bills, and any other associated costs. If your injury hasn’t been resolved by the time of the settlement, future medical costs are also calculated and included. This ensures that you are not left financially burdened by ongoing medical care that arises from the injury.
  • Compensation for physical, emotional, and psychological pain and suffering after an Orland two-vehicle crash is an integral part of your recovery. This encompasses the immediate and long-term impact of the injury on your quality of life. Factors such as chronic pain, depression, anxiety, and other emotional distress are considered when determining the extent of your suffering.
  • Damages are recoverable if you have experienced scarring or disfigurement due to the injury. This type of compensation acknowledges the lasting physical and psychological impact that visible scars or disfigurements can have on your self-esteem and day-to-day life.
  • Expenses for necessary modifications or adaptive equipment are also recoverable. If your injury has resulted in a disability, you may require modifications to your home, vehicle, or workplace to accommodate your needs. These expenses can be substantial, but they are essential for maintaining your independence and quality of life.

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