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February 27, 2019
Edward Smith

Orangevale Road Debris Accident 

On February 23, an Orangevale road debris accident occurred when the vehicle’s operator crashed into an obstruction along Hazel and Leue avenues between Oak and Central. The nature of the obstruction has not yet been disclosed by authorities. The vehicle was identified shortly afterward as a Ford Windstar, according to a report made by the California Highway Patrol (CHP). No information was released identifying the driver or extent of injuries. The accident happened at around 8:22 in the evening. The Sacramento Fire Department responded as an absorbent was needed at J and 2nd Street to deal with a roadway slick. An ambulance was summoned for a person injured in the Orangevale road debris accident.

Road Debris

Encountering debris on California roads in common. Anything that is on the road that should not be there is defined as debris. This ranges from a tool that has fallen off a pickup, cargo off a flatbed truck, an animal carcass or a tree limb. Generally, damage to the front end of the vehicle or its undercarriage is seen. In some cases, the driver and passengers can be injured or killed. Other vehicles may also be involved if the driver swerves into another lane to avoid hitting the object. The danger of a road debris accident does not apply only to motor vehicles but can cause serious injuries to pedestrians, bicyclists or motorcyclists.

Lawsuits for a Road Debris Accident

If someone is injured in a road debris accident, they may file a lawsuit against the negligent party who was responsible for their injuries. In such cases, the injured person or their family in the case of a wrongful death can receive compensation for medical costs, lost wages, and property damages. In the event that someone died due to the crash, a wrongful death lawsuit can be filed.

Dropping Debris on the Road

The party responsible for the road debris is at fault. This depends on the type of debris, the amount of time it has been present and the reason it is on the road. Generally, police will look for the party who lost or dumped the debris on the road. It is unlawful to deposit or place objects on the road in California under vehicle code 23113. If it does happen, it is imperative that the driver immediately remove the debris from the road. It is often challenging to determine who caused the debris to be on the road. It is vital to enlist the help of an injury lawyer who can inspect the scene of the crash for clues and speak with witnesses who might have seen the debris land on the road.

Parties Responsible for Keeping Roads Clean

The California Department of Transportation is responsible for keeping the roads free of debris. In towns and cities, the city is responsible. Since the roads belong to the state or city, they have an obligation under premises liability to maintain the roads in such a way as to keep them safe. In order to file a claim against the city, state or county, the plaintiff must show that the government agency had sufficient notice about the presence of the debris to allow its removal. The claim would be made under the California Tort Claims Act, which requires that the government receives a claim from the plaintiff within six months of the accident in a personal injury. Your attorney will be able to provide guidance as to the time restrictions involving such claims since they differ from other lawsuits. If a deadline is missed, the case will not be allowed to proceed.

Orangevale Car Accident Lawyer

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