Orangevale Multivehicle Accident on Greenback Lane

Orangevale Multivehicle Accident on Greenback Lane

An Orangevale multivehicle accident occurred on May 10 at about 10:00 p.m. It happened on Greenback Lane where it intersects Illinois Avenue in front of the WinCo supermarket. According to the California Highway Patrol (CHP), the accident between a gray Toyota 4Runner and a passenger sedan along with another vehicle was blocking the intersection. The CHP was called to help with the traffic backup and to investigate why the crash happened. Although the extent of the injuries have not been reported, an ambulance was called to transport the injured to a local hospital. Tow trucks were also needed since all three vehicles sustained major damage.

Reasons for an Orangevale Multivehicle Accident

Although there are varied reasons why an accident occurs, some are more common than others. These include:

  • Distracted driving: This is the most frequent cause of an accident. It is the basis for more crashes than drunk driving and speeding. In today’s multitasking world, this is not unexpected. Talking on a cell phone or texting has become one of the biggest hazards for drivers. This behavior leads to 1.6 million car crashes each year with 360,000 injuries. There are laws in California to stop this behavior, but many drivers continue to do this with little regard for fellow motorists. Eating while driving is another frequent reason for distractions. This can contribute to an Orangevale multivehicle accident.
  • Speeding: This is the second most common cause of driver error. Because speeding is responsible for higher impact collisions, it is also a common cause of fatal accidents. Speeding causes drivers to lose control of their vehicles, leading to an Orangevale multivehicle accident. Speeding can also lead to rear-end collisions since higher speeds make it more difficult to stop. It is also the reason many pedestrians are killed since even a small increase in speed can cause catastrophic injury to a walker.
  • Drunk driving: Drunk drivers are a menace on the highways and are responsible for roughly 10,000 deaths per year. The loss of cognitive function related to alcohol use can make it impossible for the driver to behave responsibly behind the wheel. Drugged driving is as dangerous as drunk driving. About half of all accidents on the weekend are due to impairment involving drugs. Motorists also need to realize that both prescription and over-the-counter drugs can have a detrimental effect on their driving capabilities.
  • Inclement weather: In California, rain is a reason for many accidents. In areas with long dry spells, a small amount of rain can be disastrous. It causes the tires to lose their grip on the road surface and can result in an Orangevale multivehicle accident. Slowing down is one way to counter the ill effects of rain.
  • Reckless driving: Driving without watching out for the well-being of others leads to collisions. Behavior such as changing lanes erratically or tailgating the vehicle in front is a surefire way to have an accident. Taking the time to drive cautiously and with concern for other motorists helps to eliminate unnecessary crashes.

Why Are Multivehicle Accidents So Dangerous?

Multivehicle accidents are extremely dangerous. One of the major reasons for this is that a vehicle can be hit several times by multiple cars. Since the airbags offer protection only when the vehicle is hit for the first time, on subsequent impacts they are useless. In addition, multiple vehicle accidents are known for side impacts. The door panels offer less by way of protection, so an impact could cause serious injury to the trunk and pelvic areas. There is also a higher risk for vehicular fires in multiple vehicle accidents. Fire can spread from one vehicle to another, worsening the situation.

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