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One Seriously Hurt During Thanksgiving Motorcycle Crash in Eureka

One Severely Injured During Thanksgiving Motorcycle Crash in Eureka

On Thursday, November 26, 2020, one person sustained serious trauma as the result of a motorcycle crash in Eureka. California Highway Patrol (CHP) reports that the collision happened in the late afternoon and involved no other vehicles besides the motorcycle. The motorcyclist was still in hospital care as of the latest updates, and the crash remains under an active CHP investigation.

Crash Details

According to police reports, the collision happened at the intersection of Walnut Drive and Law Boulevard at around 4:00 p.m. For unknown reasons, a motorcyclist apparently lost control of his vehicle and veered off-road. The motorcyclist was thrown off his bike as a result of the incident.

When officers arrived at the collision site, they discovered the motorcyclist lying in the road and quickly determined that he had sustained severe trauma. The injured man was placed on an ambulance and rushed to St. Joseph’s Hospital to receive immediate medical care. Updates on his condition remain unavailable, but hospital officials indicated that he did not sustain life-threatening trauma.


As officers continue to investigate the collision, they have not yet reported what possible factors could have been involved. Even when motorcycle accidents involve only a single vehicle, they can still be complex incidents and often involve multiple causes. Furthermore, these causes are often things that are completely outside of driver control, such as poorly constructed motorcycle parts or roads that have been dangerously designed. In both of these cases, parties other than the motorcyclist may share responsibility for the collision.

Motorcyclist Injuries

Motorcyclists typically drive carefully and almost always wear protective gear to minimize their risk of serious injuries. However, riding a motorcycle can still be dangerous and motorcyclists are liable to suffer a wide range of major injury types.

In many cases, motorcyclists suffer injuries that require a long and difficult recovery period as well as extensive care from hospitals, surgeons, specialist doctors, physical therapists, and more. All of the medical care necessary to treat motorcycle accident injuries can add up quickly, leaving injured parties with large bills. Affording these medical treatments can be hard, especially for motorcyclists whose injuries have left them with symptoms that make it difficult to work.

Calling an Attorney

While the issues described above are very serious, it’s possible for injured motorcyclists to reach out for help from an experienced Eureka motorcycle accident attorney. Crash survivors can often obtain full compensation for their medical bills as well as for other damages related to their collision like lost earning potential, personal suffering, damaged property, and much more.

However, claiming compensation can be difficult, especially for high-value cases. For this reason, it’s critical to have an attorney who knows how to effectively handle major motorcycle accident claims. If you’d like more information about how to easily find an excellent, trustworthy attorney to help you with your claim, watch this video:


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