One Person Fatally Injured During Car Accident in Vallejo

One Person Suffers Fatal Trauma During Car Accident in Vallejo

One individual suffered deadly trauma during a car accident in Vallejo on Sunday, October 18, 2020. The collision was reported by California Highway Patrol (CHP), who stated that it took place during the very early morning on a local highway. The decedent has since been identified as a 42-year-old resident of Vallejo, Jack Luu. Police say that they are still actively investigating this accident.

Crash Details

CHP indicated that the collision took place at around 2:25 a.m. on Highway Interstate 80. Luu was reportedly driving eastbound on 80 in an Acura sedan. Luu was near the Hunter Hill rest area off-ramp on the eastern side of the city when his vehicle drifted off-road. Police say that they are still unsure of why the vehicle left the roadway. After entering the highway shoulder, the Acura crashed head-on into a parked Dodge pickup truck. According to reports, the pickup was empty at the time of the collision.

Emergency accident responders were dispatched to the scene directly after the incident was reported. Upon reaching the site of the accident, responders discovered that Luu had been critically injured. Sadly, medical officials pronounced Luu deceased at the accident scene. Additionally, no other individuals were involved in this accident.


As CHP continues to conduct a full investigation into what could have caused this accident, officers say that they do not know what factors could have been involved. When accidents only involve one vehicle, they may still have been caused by multiple factors. Furthermore, a number of common single-vehicle accident factors are not under driver control. These non-driver accident factors can include driving vehicles with malfunctioning brakes or using roads with dangerous pavement defects.

The process of investigating fatal car accidents can be very difficult, especially if police cannot interview any of the involved drivers about what happened. Sadly, this can mean that investigators will never uncover critical evidence that could have a huge impact on your family’s ability to claim fair compensation for your losses. To avoid this, it’s very important to work with a trusted Vallejo wrongful death lawyer who knows how to properly conduct private accident investigations.

Wrongful Death Damages

Losing somebody that you love is never an easy thing to do, and suffering such a loss as the result of an unexpected accident can make the grieving process even harder. In many cases, people feel shocked and overwhelmed and may need to take time away from their normal lives in order to heal. During such a traumatic time, it’s very important to seek help from the people in your family, community, and friend group.

Another important step to take to make sure you and your family can recover after a fatal accident is to contact a wrongful death lawyer. Often, families are able to file wrongful death claims in order to obtain payments for lost income, services, and other damages they’ve suffered. Learn more about wrongful death damages by watching the video below:


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