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One Killed, Two Injured in Whiskeytown Area Motorcycle Crash

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September 06, 2019
Edward Smith

One Killed, Two Injured in Whiskeytown Area Motorcycle Crash

Officials have stated that one person lost their life and two were hospitalized during a Whiskeytown area motorcycle crash that occurred on Saturday, August 31, 2019. The collision reportedly involved one other vehicle which authorities identified as a pickup truck. The identity of the decedent is currently being withheld by the Shasta County Sheriff’s Department while his family is notified. So far, the individual has only been described as an elderly man. Additionally, the cause of the accident remains under investigation by officers of The California Highway Patrol (CHP).

Crash Information

CHP said that the collision happened at approximately 1:30 p.m. on Highway 299 to the west of both Whiskeytown and French Gulf. The motorcyclist had been driving west on 299 when his motorcycle, for unknown reasons, veered to the left and crossed into oncoming lanes. After entering the eastbound side of the road, the motorcyclist crashed head-on into the oncoming truck.

Authorities received a call notifying them about the crash and immediately dispatched emergency officials to the location of the collision. When responders reached the accident scene, they found that all three parties involved in the accident had been injured. The occupants of the truck were transferred to a local hospital by ambulance for further care. However, the severity of their injuries was not specified in reports. Tragically, the motorcyclist passed away at the scene of the crash.

Wrongful Death Accidents

Accidents can be caused by many different factors and, often, these factors are not under the control of the drivers involved in a crash. In many cases, a malfunctioning vehicle part causes a vehicle to veer into a wreck or a hazard in the road makes it impossible for drivers to avoid crashing. When drivers are fatally injured by factors outside of their control, their families are often able to claim payments from the parties responsible for the accident. While the love of a person in your life isn’t replaceable, wrongful death claims can help families recover the money they need to have security while processing their grief.

Should I Call An Attorney?

The period of time directly after a fatal accident can be confusing, and most people aren’t sure about what they should do. However, getting in touch with a trustworthy wrongful death lawyer is always a good idea. Negligent parties are quick to start building a defense against liability, getting legal help early on can be a critical part of recovering the full amount you deserve for your family’s losses. Even if you don’t know whether or not you can pursue a wrongful death case, it’s still a good idea to make sure by speaking to a lawyer. Most lawyers are happy to give you the advice you need over the phone, so there is nothing to lose by seeking help.

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