One Killed in Multi-Vehicle Crash on Interstate 505 Near Vacaville

Fatal Crash on I-505 Near Vacaville

On Thursday night, November 11, 2021, at least one person was killed in a crash involving several vehicles on Interstate 505 (I-505) close to the city of Vacaville, according to representatives from the California Highway Patrol (CHP).

Details of the Deadly Collision

Authorities said that calls reporting the crash came in shortly after 10:45 p.m. The location of the incident was described as Interstate 505 between Vaca Valley Parkway and Midway Road, in the southbound lanes. Multiple vehicles were involved in the collision. The exact number of involved parties and vehicles is currently unknown, and the identity of the person that was killed has not been released.

Highway Lanes Closed After Crash

A Sigalert was issued by the CHP at 11:07 p.m., notifying travelers that investigation and clean-up of the crash site necessitated a prolonged closure of all southbound lanes of the highway. At least one northbound lane was also closed due to debris in the road. 

The definition of a Sigalert provided by the CHP is any unplanned incident that necessitates the closure of at least one highway lane of traffic for at least 30 minutes. The term is used to describe the notice to the public of such a closure. Sigalerts are sent out in the following ways:

  • Information regarding the closure is posted on the CHP’s website.
  • Radio and television stations broadcast notice of the road closure throughout the state.
  • Electronic signs on nearby freeways are programmed to alert motorists to the closure.

The CHP sent another alert on early Friday morning at around 2:00 a.m. that all lanes of I-505 had been reopened.

Interstate 505

Interstate 505 is largely rural. It is located in the Sacramento Valley and serves as a north-south auxiliary highway to the major route of Interstate 5. I-505 runs from the vicinity of Dunnigan south to Interstate 80 in Vacaville. It travels through the cities of Vacaville and Winters. It connects the northern Sacramento Valley region to the San Francisco Bay Area while bypassing Sacramento’s city traffic. Because of this, it is a popular route for travelers heading to the Pacific Northwest from the Bay Area.

The highway ends in the south at I-80 near the Nut Tree Airport. From that terminus, it spans approximately 10 rural miles near the western border of the Sacramento Valley until it reaches Winters. The highway circumvents the eastern limits of Winters, where it intersects with State Route 128. SR 128 is the highway’s only Winters exit. After Winters, I-505 continues north along a rural route for about 20 miles, then concludes at its northern terminus near Dunnigan, where it turns into I-5.

The entire length of Interstate 505 is a four-lane highway, with two lanes in either direction. Its maximum speed limit is 70, a typical speed limit assigned to California’s rural Interstates.

Watch the YouTube video. Below is a clip uploaded by a motorist documenting a portion of I-505.

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