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One Injured During Fiery Crescent City Crash

One Seriously Hurt During Fiery Crescent City Crash

On Monday, November 16, 2020, one person suffered serious injuries during a Crescent City crash. According to officers from Humboldt California Highway Patrol (CHP), the accident involved a single vehicle, reportedly a delivery truck. The fire did threaten nearby vegetation, but respondents were able to put it out before a serious wildfire took hold. The driver of the truck was hospitalized, but further updates on his condition remain unavailable.

Crash Information

The collision occurred at around 8:50 a.m. on Elk Valley Road near the Church Tree Road intersection. Details about the events that led up to the collision have not been reported. However, CHP indicated that an Enterprise delivery truck somehow traveled off-road and crashed head-on into an electrical pole. The crash caused major damage to the front end of the delivery truck and split the power pole in half, disabling it.


When they arrived at the accident scene, first responders witnessed a damaged power line burn through the truck and drop to the ground. According to reports, the flames were ignited by a transformer on the pole that fell through the roof of the cargo area of the truck. CHP said that responders had the fire under control within an hour of arriving on-scene.

Medical officials at the accident site discovered that the truck driver was seriously hurt but had been able to remove themselves from the vehicle before it was fully engulfed in flames. Police confirmed that the driver was transported via ambulance to the Sutter Coast Hospital to receive emergency care. Additionally, no other individuals were involved in this incident.

Burn Injuries

Collisions involving downed electrical equipment often cause fires. These fires, in turn, are likely to cause burn injuries. These injuries are highly destructive to bodily tissue and are some of the most severe types of trauma that people can sustain during accidents.

Because burn injuries are so destructive, the recovery process can be very difficult. Not only is recovering typically painful, but it can require extensive care that may involve multiple surgeries. Often, these injuries have a physical toll as well as a major psychological and financial impact.

Getting Help

Paying for the necessary medical expenses following a car accident can seem impossible, especially if your injury has had an impact on your ability to work. For this reason, it’s important to get in touch with a Crescent City personal injury lawyer. By consulting with an attorney, you’ll be able to learn what types of compensation may be available to you and, if you choose to pursue an injury claim, your lawyer will be invaluable in making sure you are properly compensated. Often, injured parties are able to obtain full payments not only medical expenses, but for lost income and personal damages as well.

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