Nursing Home Sexual Assault


Nursing Home Sexual Assault

I’m Ed Smith, a Nursing Home Sexual Assault Lawyer in Sacramento. It’s not unusual for family members to want to take care of their elderly relatives in their old age. Sometimes, chronic medical conditions such as dementia prevent people from doing so. In these situations, many people will try to find a nursing home that can provide the expert care that their loved ones deserve. In this situation, it is vital for families to understand how to pick a nursing home to ensure they select a high-quality home. Sometimes, tragedy can strike, as in the case of an elderly woman from California.

A Family’s Shock

A family from California visited their elderly mother, aged 88, in nursing home. She walked in and pulled back the sheets and was horrified at what she saw. While there are many common issues with nursing homes, what she saw was worse. She found bruises on her mother’s thighs, abdomen, and groin area, all essential tools when learning how to spot nursing home abuse. Her mother was shivering, cold, naked, and begging for help. She cried to her family members to get her out of that nursing home. As the family tried to transfer her out, the nursing home staff told them that it would be a challenging and time-consuming process. This didn’t matter. She needed to leave that dreadful place.

What Happens Next?

Unfortunately, what happened to this family is not all that uncommon, according to statistics on nursing homes in California and nationwide. They took their elderly family member to the doctor who performed a detailed exam. Unfortunately, the nightmare was only beginning. The professional medical staff informed the family that their relative had acquired a sexually transmitted disease. The next step would be to test the husband to see if it came from him. If he was negative, it must have come from the nursing home. That was when the patient said that she was raped. This would require filing an official report with the California department of public health. For the rest of their lives, the couple would hold and comfort each other, trying to overcome the tragedy that had befallen them.

How Did This Happen?

The question on everyone’s mind is how this tragedy was allowed to happen in the first place. In California, there is nursing home abuse that continues in numerous locations throughout the state. This happens because many families don’t know what warning signs to look for, especially with elderly relatives who can’t communicate very well. In other cases, there isn’t strong enough oversight or legislation to keep these nursing homes in line. This is why families need to rely on an experienced attorney to provide expert assistance.

Rely on a Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

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