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February 28, 2019
Edward Smith

North Highlands Underride Accident on Watt and Myrtle Avenues

A North Highlands underride accident happened on February 24th at Watt and Myrtle avenues that resulted in injuries. The accident occurred at around 4:00 in the afternoon when two vehicles were making a left turn onto Myrtle. According to the report by the California Highway Patrol (CHP), the Toyota slid underneath the Ford van while in the process of making a turn. The Toyota sustained major front end damage and became partially lodged underneath the van. An ambulance was called, although the extent of the injuries was not reported.

Additional Accident Details

Drunk or drugged driving was suspected in the collision, and a toxicologist was called to the scene. The left turn lane onto Myrtle remained blocked for about 40 minutes while the accident was investigated and the roadway cleared.

Underride and Override Accidents

Traumatic injuries and fatalities commonly occur in underride and override accidents. While these accidents commonly occur with big rigs, they can happen with any other vehicle that is larger or much smaller. A North Highlands underride accident happens when a vehicle stops short, causing the other car to pass underneath it. An override accident happens when a larger vehicle passes over a smaller one. The result is that the vehicle that passes underneath becomes crushed. While most of these types of accidents cause fatalities, some people do survive but suffer severe injuries. Some of the causes of North Highlands underride accidents are:

  • When a vehicle is following too close to the car or truck in front of it, an underride accident can occur.
  • One of the drivers was drunk or under the influence of drugs.
  • One of the motorists was driving distracted by texting or talking on their cell phone or another behavior that took their attention from the road and traffic.
  • One of the vehicles had a mechanical failure such as faulty brakes, steering or accelerator.
  • The second driver was speeding or driving recklessly, leading to a North Highlands underride accident.
  • One of the drivers was too fatigued to be behind the wheel of a car or even fell asleep while driving.
  • Weather conditions made the road slippery.

Override Accidents

Override collisions can have some of the same characteristics as an underride accident such as speeding, distracted driving, and others. In addition, an override accident can happen if a vehicle stops suddenly because of an object in the roadway, traffic jam or because a car stops functioning.

Obtaining Advice Following an Accident

Any accident can result in injuries. However, an underride or override accident can cause some of the worst, including traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord damage, and others. Many of them are caused by someone’s negligence. A personal injury lawyer experienced in these types of accidents often can help. Whether dealing with the insurance company on your behalf or building a case for fair compensation, the lawyer’s goal is that you obtain the financial compensation you need.

North Highlands Car Accident Lawyer

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