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North Highlands Traffic Crash Causes Critical Injuries

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January 31, 2023
Edward Smith

Garfield Avenue Traffic Crash Critically Injures One Person

A traffic crash involving two vehicles in North Highlands on January 27 resulted in critical injuries to one person. The collision occurred near the area where Garfield Avenue merges with Spruce Avenue. The Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District reported that one individual had to be extricated following the collision and was taken to a hospital with critical injuries. An investigation is underway to determine why the accident occurred and to place fault.

Causes of a Two-Vehicle Traffic Crash

Roadway accidents typically involve two vehicles due to a combination of factors. Nearly 95 percent of collisions are caused by negligence, especially when merging, as shown in the following examples:

  • Rear-end accidents: Drivers who are tailgating may not have enough time to halt when a vehicle slows down or stops suddenly. Depending on the severity of the collision, a rear-end crash can cause fatalities or serious injuries.
  • Speeding: Vehicles that are speeding have a greater chance of being involved in an accident than those going at a slower rate. A speeding vehicle may not be able to stop in time if it is cut off by another car or there is something in the road. If a speeding vehicle must steer around another car, its driver may have difficulty doing so.
  • Drunk driving: An intoxicated driver will have a slower reaction time, making steering difficult. As a result, a traffic crash is more likely to occur. Drunk drivers are also known for driving recklessly, which can also lead to two-vehicle crashes.
  • Negligent roadway maintenance: A two-vehicle crash can be caused by poor road conditions, such as obstacles blocking the road or poor maintenance. An automobile driver may hit another vehicle if he or she swerves to avoid a pothole in the road. There is also the possibility of sliding into oncoming traffic if the road is greasy. Having the assistance of an accident attorney can be helpful if you need to file a claim against a government entity, which has to be done within six months.
  • Inclement weather: The road may become slippery due to rain or snow. It is possible that the driver will lose control of the vehicle as a result. Visibility can also be reduced, making it more difficult to spot other motorists and obstacles. If a driver hasn’t adjusted their speed to account for adverse weather conditions, they may be liable for injuries that occur in an accident.
  • Driving distracted: If a driver is not paying attention, he or she may not notice another vehicle in their lane or an obstacle in the road. A collision can result from this. Talking on the phone, eating or looking away from the road can all be considered distractions while driving.

North Highlands Car Accident Lawyer 

I’m Ed Smith, and I’m a North Highlands car accident lawyer. Our accident attorneys can help you recover compensation for the medical and other losses caused by a traffic crash if you suffer serious injuries. By doing so, you can avoid high and possibly ongoing medical bills, the loss of wages from being unable to work and recover compensation for your pain and suffering. If you would like a free and friendly consultation about your case, call us at (916) 921-6400. If you need assistance, you can also reach us via phone at (800) 404-5400 or by sending us an online message.

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