North Highlands Traffic Collision

North Highlands Traffic Collision. Several injuries were reported in a North Highlands traffic collision on November 2 along Elkhorn Boulevard when two vehicles collided. An ambulance was summoned, according to the California Highway Patrol (CHP) report. At this time, it is unknown how serious the injuries were or to which hospital those persons were transported. The accident will be investigated by the CHP to determine the cause and to assign fault.

North Highlands Traffic Collision Details

The accident happened shortly before 3:30 in the afternoon at the intersection of Elkhorn Boulevard and Walerga Road near Elkhorn Center, according to police. It involved a Mercedes sedan and Toyota 4Runner. Both vehicles were removed to the right-hand side to allow other traffic to pass. One party involved in the collision suffered head injuries. A female involved in the collision stated that she had abdominal pain and was 6-months pregnant. Sac Fire was on the scene to evaluate both injured persons.

Intersections as Locations for Traffic Accidents

About 50 percent of all traffic collisions occur at or near intersections. It is the number of options available such as continuing straight or turning when there are other lines of motor vehicles that can cause a traffic collision. Intersections can become even more dangerous when there are multiple lanes of traffic involved. While in some circumstances, weather and other conditions can be causative factors, about 96 percent of intersection accidents are caused by driver error. These types of errors include:

  • Making an illegal maneuver: Running a red light, making an illegal U-turn and other forms of reckless driving may result in a North Highlands traffic collision.
  • Inattention: About 44 percent of intersection accidents are due to poor surveillance. Looking in all directions, especially for bicyclists and pedestrians, can help avoid an accident.
  • Distracted driving: Distracted driving accounts for some intersection accidents. Examples of distracted driving include changing a radio station, talking or texting on a cell phone or eating while driving.
  • Aggressive driving: Aggressive drivers or those with road rage, tailgate, cut in and out of traffic and take other risks that can endanger motorists and can cause a North Highlands traffic collision.
  • Reading other drivers: Making a false assumption about what another driver is going to do at an intersection can cause accidents. For example, some vehicles speed up nearing an intersection, particularly if the light is yellow. If the light changes to red while that vehicle is still in the intersection, it can result in a collision.

Recovering Damages in a North Highlands Traffic Collision

When you or a family member has been injured in a traffic accident that was caused by another driver’s negligence, you may be able to obtain compensation. Consulting with an experienced car accident lawyer can be a good first move to find out whether you have a case. An injury lawyer who is experienced in all types of car accidents can help by compiling evidence, interviewing witnesses, reviewing video recordings and perhaps using an accident reconstructionist to prove your case. In this way, you can recover from your injuries with the knowledge that the financial end is covered.

North Highlands Car Accident Lawyer

I’m Ed Smith, a North Highlands car accident lawyer. Most motor vehicle accidents are caused by someone’s negligence or carelessness, and when that occurs, those who are seriously injured may claim compensation to pay for their time lost from work, medical bills and even the pain and suffering that accompanies the injury. If this has happened to you or to someone you care about, please give me a call at (916) 921-6400 locally, or use my toll-free line at (800) 404-5400 if you are phoning long-distance. Also, I offer a contact me form that is located on our website.

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