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March 17, 2023
Edward Smith

Late Night Accident on Elkhorn Boulevard Results in Pedestrian Fatality

A fatality from a car vs. pedestrian accident was reported in North Highlands on March 13 as the person was struck by a motor vehicle while crossing the road. The accident occurred along Elkhorn Boulevard close to Walerga Road at about 11:00 p.m.

The incident report filed by the California Highway Patrol (CHP) said they were unsure what caused the collision. However, the pedestrian, 32-year-old Jamel Oliver of Sacramento, died. 

Driver Arrested for Suspected DUI After Pedestrian Fatality Accident

The vehicle’s driver was arrested for suspected DUI after failing a roadside sobriety test. In addition, a passenger in that vehicle suffered significant injuries in the crash and was transported to a hospital for further treatment and evaluation. It is unknown if the male pedestrian used a crosswalk when the fatal accident happened. 

Investigation Into the Fatal Pedestrian Accident Ongoing

The CHP is investigating the accident to determine its cause. The name of the deceased pedestrian has not yet been released, pending family notification by the coroner’s office.

How Many Pedestrian Fatalities Are Due to a Drunk Driver

Statistics on pedestrian fatalities caused by DUI (driving under the influence) drivers vary by location and year. However, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), in the United States, in 2019, there were 2,153 people killed in alcohol-related crashes involving drivers with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.08 or higher. Of those fatalities, 719 were pedestrians.

Additionally, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that in 2018, 29 percent of pedestrian fatalities involved a driver who was impaired by alcohol. It’s important to note that these statistics only account for reported cases and may not represent the full extent of the problem. DUI-related pedestrian fatalities can have a devastating impact on families and communities, and efforts to prevent impaired driving are crucial for improving road safety.

The Effects a Pedestrian Fatality Has on Family Members

A pedestrian fatality due to a DUI can have a profound and devastating impact on the victim’s family, affecting them emotionally, financially and legally. Here are some ways that a family might be affected:

  • Emotional trauma: Losing a loved one to a pedestrian fatality caused by a DUI can cause profound emotional trauma for family members. They may experience feelings of shock, disbelief, anger and grief, lasting for months or even years.
  • Financial loss: The family may experience financial hardship due to the pedestrian fatality. They may face funeral expenses, loss of income, and other costs associated with the death.
  • Legal issues: The family may also face legal matters related to the pedestrian fatality. They may need a lawyer to help them pursue a wrongful death lawsuit against the driver responsible for the accident.
  • Disruption of daily life: The death of a loved one can cause significant disruption to a family’s everyday life. They may need to take time off work to deal with the aftermath of the accident and struggle to cope with losing a family member.
  • Long-term effects: The effects of a pedestrian fatality due to a DUI can last for years. Family members may experience ongoing emotional trauma and may struggle to come to terms with their loss.

How Can A Wrongful Death Lawsuit Help Family Members

A wrongful death lawsuit is a legal action that can be pursued by the family members of a person who died as a result of someone else’s negligent or intentional actions. Here are some ways that a wrongful death lawsuit can help family members:

  • Compensation for financial losses: A wrongful death lawsuit can help the family members of the deceased recover financial compensation for expenses such as medical bills, funeral costs and loss of income that resulted from the death.
  • Justice and closure: Pursuing a lawsuit for wrongful death can help family members feel that they have received justice for their loved one’s death. It can provide a sense of closure and help them move forward.
  • Holding responsible parties accountable: A wrongful death lawsuit can hold the responsible party or parties accountable for their actions. 

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