North Highlands Multiple-Vehicle Crash Causes Injuries

Accident Near Watt Avenue Intersection Involves Four Vehicles

A multiple-vehicle crash in North Highlands on December 11 sent two people to the hospital. The accident, according to the Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District, occurred near the Watt Avenue intersection with Myrtle Avenue. Four vehicles collided, and one driver had to be extricated.

Investigation Underway Into Cause of Multiple-Vehicle Crash

Neither alcohol nor drugs are believed to have been involved as a factor in the collision. Authorities are investigating to determine how the multiple-vehicle collision happened and assign fault in the accident. 

Negligence Is Usually Responsible for a Multiple-Vehicle Crash

Accidents involving multiple vehicles can easily occur when a driver is negligent or makes a mistake. Negligence can take many forms, including:

  • Speed: A driver who speeds is not able to slow enough to avoid a collision, and this can result in an accident.
  • Distracted driving: Multiple-vehicle accidents can occur when drivers are distracted by their cell phones or texting.
  • Drinking and driving: Drunk driving often leads to a multiple-vehicle crash. Unlike sober drivers, drunk motorists have slow reflexes and can’t judge distances between other vehicles.
  • Failure to yield: It is possible to cause a collision involving multiple vehicles if a driver fails to yield.
  • Performing dangerous maneuvers: The reckless driver may swerve between lanes and perform other maneuvers that are likely to endanger another motorist. It is likely that this type of behavior will lead to a multiple-vehicle collision.
  • Fatigue: Behind the wheel, fatigued driving has similar effects to being intoxicated.

After Experiencing Injuries in a Multiple-Vehicle Accident, an Attorney Can Help

There may be several negligent drivers involved in a multiple-vehicle accident, making it crucial to determine whose fault it is. It will then be possible for the injured parties to recover the compensation they deserve for the injuries they suffered. Intoxication, speeding, and texting while driving may have been among the reasons for the accident. If the at-fault parties were negligent in causing the accident, they could be held responsible.

Multiple-Vehicle Crash Investigations

As a law firm, we send investigators to accident scenes immediately to collect evidence to support our clients’ compensation claims. Some of the areas in which investigations are conducted are:

  • The investigators go to the scene of the multiple-vehicle accident and take photographs of the vehicles and the damage, which indicates which cars struck others and in what order.
  • An interview with witnesses is conducted. An accident may have been recorded on a smartphone by a witness. 
  • Investigators can reconstruct an accident by observing how the vehicles were positioned before, during and after the incident.
  • Additionally, investigators verify the accuracy of the police report. This is an important step because mistakes in the police report of the accident can potentially affect our client’s ability to place a claim to recover damages.
  • Area surveillance cameras are checked, including local businesses. In the event that a surveillance video exists of the accident, it is obtained. 

By gathering evidence on behalf of our clients, our accident attorneys can build a strong case for them to recover the compensation they deserve.

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