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North Highlands Intersection Accident Causes Injuries

Collision Occurs at Don Julio Boulevard and Walerga Road Intersection

An intersection accident in North Highlands resulted in injuries on April 2. It was reported by the California Highway Patrol (CHP) that the collision occurred at the intersection of Don Julio Boulevard and Walerga Road shortly after 10:00 a.m. The accident happened between a Honda minivan and Ford Econoline utility vehicle. All the southbound lanes of Don Julio Boulevard were blocked by the crash. The minivan sustained moderate front-end damage, while the Ford experienced a rollover and ended up on its roof. A tow truck was called to the scene to upright the overturned vehicle. Emergency personnel with the Sacramento Fire Department arrived to assess injuries in the accident. The CHP is investigating to determine who was at fault for the collision and discover how it occurred. The condition of the participants in the accident has not yet been revealed by authorities. 

Common Intersection Accidents

Intersection accidents are common and amount to 2.5 million incidents over a year’s time, according to the Federal Highway Administration. This represents 40 percent of the six million vehicular crashes that occur annually. This risk is due to the fact that intersections bring together the highest number of vehicles, pedestrians and bicyclists than any other area. Some of the different types of intersection accidents that are frequently encountered include:

  • Side impact accidents: This type of intersection accident occurs when one vehicle is running a red light and another is proceeding through the intersection legally. This crash can bring serious injuries to the chest and torso of the driver whose vehicle is impacted. Many vehicles sustaining a side impact have few if any devices such as airbags, leaving the driver or passenger with little protection.
  • Rear-end collisions: Such accidents occur when the driver to the rear is distracted and does not realize that the lead vehicle has slowed or stopped.
  • Vulnerable road users: Vulnerable pedestrians and bicyclists are often severely injured in an intersection accident.
  • Side-swipe collisions: These occur when both vehicles are turning at an intersection.

Causes of Intersection Accidents

The most common causes of intersection accidents include:

  • Running a red light or ignoring a yield or stop sign is among the most common causes.
  • Distractions such as talking or texting on a cell phone cause drivers to ignore traffic at the intersection.
  • Intersections, where visibility is low due to obstacles, serve to obscure turning vehicles, resulting in an intersection accident.
  • Poor or no warning that an intersection is ahead can lead to a driver speeding through an intersection.
  • Driving through an intersection at a high speed is a surefire way to be in an accident.
  • Poor or overly complex intersection design can result in accidents.
  • Lack of intersection maintenance of signs and traffic lights, as well as poor road conditions, are risky at intersections.

Investigation of an Intersection Accident

At our law firm, we dispatch our investigators to the scene of the crash as soon as possible. Once there, they look for reasons that the accident happened and establish who was at fault. Some common ways they do this are:

  • Investigators use accident reconstruction techniques to see how the accident occurred. These show the placement of vehicles before and after the crash and map the path they took.
  • Our investigators interview witnesses to the crash to get their impression of what happened.
  • We look at the intersection itself and the part its design or maintenance played in the accident. If there is proof that the intersection was poorly maintained or designed, a lawsuit can be filed against the government agency in charge. This type of claim has a short deadline, and failing to meet it will mean the case will not be heard. Your attorney will ensure that all documents are filed on time.
  • We also review police reports for inaccuracies and check records to see how often crashes happened at the intersection.
  • The investigators use traffic surveillance cameras that record the accident in real-time.
  • After all the evidence is compiled, investigators turn the data over to our legal team to build a strong case for our clients.

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