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North Highlands Distracted Drivers – Take A Hike!

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July 20, 2015
Edward Smith

Take A Hike North Highlands!

I don’t know about you, but I desire a place to jog, walk and ride my bike where I don’t have to be so nervous about being hit by distracted drivers texting on their phone.

I prefer being outdoors when I workout, especially when the weather is good.

Texting while driving accidents have been in the news so much recently and many of us are concerned with the number of tragedies caused by distracted drivers.

One effective way to protect one’s personal safety is to simply get off of the beaten path and take to our local trails.

We recently happened upon TrailLink.  A website dedicated to providing you with top-rated trails and maps for your community.  We wanted to share this helpful website with our friends in North

North Highlander’s   love working out in the great outdoors and want to be safe from distracted drivers so common around town and in our neighborhoods.  This website not only covers trails in North Highlands but all over California as well.

Looking for a safe walking path or running trail?  Tired of jogging in place while you wait for the light to turn so you can make your way across the crosswalk?

How about a long and rigorous bike trail in North Highlands?  Check out the great outdoors that await you in North Highlands and beyond.

COME ON North Highlands….give the roads and rails a rest.   Take a hike!    Now that is safety, conservancy and a healthy body, mind and soul all wrapped up in one!

One more thing…encourage everyone you know not to text while driving.  Distracted drivers endanger lives!

Happy trails!

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