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Nissan Airbag Recall

Nissan Airbag Recall


Nissan Airbag Recall

I’m Ed Smith, a St. Helena car accident lawyer. The Japanese automaker, Nissan, has issued a recall for more than 25,000 of their popular vehicles. The recall stems from a probable defect in the front passenger airbags of the vehicle.

Reason Why Nissan Airbag Recall was Issued

Nissan has recently issued a recall for their Leaf and Sentra vehicles due to a defect in how the airbags deploy in the incident of an automobile accident. The reason behind this recall was found during a routine test conducted by the Kentucky-based company, Daicel. Daicel manufactured components in the front passenger airbags of these cars. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reported that the problem is rooted from the coolant in the airbag inflators which may not function properly, resulting in a greater risk of injury to front-seat passengers. Nissan has not yet reported any incidents involving this recall.

Which Vehicles?

The following vehicles are affected by the recall:

2014 to 2015: Nissan Leaf

2014 to 2015 and 2017: Nissan Sentra

What to Do?

If you own a vehicle listed in the recall list from above, you should be receiving a recall notice in the mail from Nissan around June 11th, 2017. Upon receiving this letter, you should take your vehicle to a Nissan dealership for service. The dealer will replace each of the front passenger airbag inflators at no cost to the owner.

Why You Should Never Ignore a Car Recall Notice

A consumer should never ignore a car recall notice from an automaker for safety concerns. Manufacturers issue car recall notices due to exceptional circumstances when the problem is deemed completely necessary. Car recalls are mostly announced because a defect in the vehicle may appose a risk of injury in an automobile accident if left uncorrected. Although recalls are usually listed as a precautionary measure, it is still the duty of the consumer to take their vehicle to have the defect fixed. If left unresolved, the defect may cost the consumer more in the long run. Consult with an experienced personal injury lawyer for more information.

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