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February 08, 2023
Edward Smith

Westbound I-80 Accident Involves a Pickup, Charter Bus and Sedan

A Newcastle multiple-vehicle crash resulted in a fatality. The accident occurred along westbound I-80 at Newcastle Road southwest of Auburn around 12:16 p.m. and included a reported five cars as well as a bus. The report issued by the Auburn California Highway Patrol (CHP) stated that one of the vehicles, a Dodge Ram pickup, crashed, overturned multiple times and ended up crossing over the center divider into the eastbound lanes. 

No Injuries Reported in Charter Bus Hit in Multiple-Vehicle Crash

Entering the opposing lanes, the pickup clipped a charter bus. Fortunately, the bus driver reported that no one on board was injured in the collision. He advised he was traveling east along I-80 around S.R. 93 and heading toward Reno at the time the accident occurred. Multiple other vehicles were also struck with minor injuries reported. At least two were transported to a hospital.

Pickup Rolls Multiple Times Into Opposing Lanes

One witness to the crash reported the pickup was all over the roadway when the multiple-vehicle crash occurred. The pickup driver reportedly died in the collision. The eastbound lanes of the highway were all blocked. 

Highway Shut Down While the Multiple-Vehicle Crash Scene Was Cleared

A hard closure was made on both sides of the highway, and a SigAlert was issued and traffic diverted due to the multiple-vehicle crash. The pickup was towed as evidence. By 2:00 p.m., one lane along the eastbound side of the highway was still closed, but all the westbound lanes were shut down.

Vehicle Rollovers

The center of gravity of SUVs and vans, as well as light trucks, is higher than that of most other passenger vehicles. Accidents of this type can, however, happen to any vehicle. In a rollover, passengers could be thrown partially out of the vehicle even if wearing seat belts. Fatalities are common.

Rollovers Pose Additional Dangers

A multiple-vehicle crash involving rolling vehicles can be extremely dangerous. When the airbags are deployed, they deflate quickly, but they provide no additional protection after that. A defect in a seat belt could also cause it to detach, throwing an occupant about inside the vehicle. Seat belts can withstand 1,000 pounds of force, but a defect can cause them to fail.

Rollover Accidents: Ejection Dangers

People are more likely to be thrown from vehicles if the seatbelt breaks or the occupant does not wear one. Vehicle occupants and drivers can suffer severe brain trauma, fractures and more even if they survive being ejected. A person who has been ejected from a vehicle during an accident is likely to die as a result of the trauma they have suffered.

Rollover-Related Roof Crush in a Multiple-Vehicle Crash

Roof crush can result from rollover accidents. Rolling over a vehicle can cause the roof and supports to buckle, causing the top to collapse on the occupants. In case of a rollover, a car’s roof must support 3.5 times its weight, but not all auto manufacturers comply. There is reduced survival space inside a vehicle when a roof collapses, causing serious injuries such as spinal cord damage or traumatic brain injury.

Preserving the Vehicle After a Rollover

It is important to keep the vehicle. Detailed inspection of the vehicle can help engineers determine whether roof crush caused injuries or a defective part. The manufacturer can be held liable for compensation with the help of an accident attorney through an auto product liability claim if a person is injured by a defect or roof crush. 

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