New Wireless Implant May Help Elk Grove Veterans with Brain Injuries

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November 30, 2015
Edward Smith

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New Wireless Implant May Help Elk Grove Veterans with Brain Injuries

I’m Ed Smith, a Brain Injury Lawyer serving Elk Grove. One of the more common causes of traumatic brain injuries in Elk Grove residents is the car accident. However, recently, brain trauma suffered by combat-wounded veterans has come to light as increasing numbers of brain-related issues are being reported to VA hospitals. More and more soldiers are coming forward with reports of depression, PTSD, hallucinations, paranoia, and even more serious brain disorders such as dementia, Parkinson’s disease, and permanent disability. The VA hospital and military have been criticized for brushing traumatic brain injuries under the rug and largely ignoring the problem.

Long-term mental affects after bomb blasts

Public outcry has lead to a recent influx in the number of studies conducted on combat-wounded veterans. Recent studies have shown that veterans who were injured by blasts caused by detonating bombs suffer long-term mental affects. During a blast, the vibration of the blast, as well as the loud sound, can cause the brain to vibrate in the skull. In minor cases, this leads to a headache. However, in more severe cases, the soldier’s brain may swell. In addition, if a soldier is thrown during a blast and hits his head, he can suffer a concussion. In the past, the military minimized the effects of concussions. However, research has now shown that concussions, especially those associated with blasts, lead to a range of long-term effects.

Seeking follow-up treatment after being discharged

Operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom have seen an influx in bomb blast-related concussions, amounting to approximately 167,000 reported cases. Like NFL players, as discussed in another post, combat-wounded veterans can suffer from chronic traumatic encephalopathy following a blast. When a veteran is wounded at war, the military cares for the veteran. However, when he is discharged, it is up to him to seek follow-up treatment and help. While the VA hospital does provide medical assistance to veterans, it has been largely unhelpful for those suffering from chronic brain injuries. Blast-induced concussions can lead to long-term effects on a soldier’s life when he returns home from war. Veterans face difficulty finding jobs, assimilating into civilian life, caring for their families, and coping with endless pain and the side effects of brain trauma.

Two professors from Purdue University develop a unique wireless system

Despite all of the research on the brain, the brain is still largely misunderstood by medical researchers and doctors. While equipment such as MRIs can assist researchers with studying the brain, it remains a mystery. However, recently, two professors from Purdue developed a unique wireless system designed to get a first-hand glimpse at what happens to the brain during a bomb blast.

The innovation is a simple “soft magnet” attached to a wireless sensor. The magnet is made of gel, similar to the consistency of the brain, and conforms with the brain. When the brain moves during a blast, the magnet moves. The sensor then picks up the movements and can save and transmit this data. This allows researchers to better understand what happens to the brain during a bomb detonation. Though the device has only been tested on rats thus far, it has already led to astounding discoveries. Namely, during a blast, the brain moves in a wide arc, not a straight line. This leads to more damage than initially estimated.

Device must be installed before deployment

The glory of the device is that it can be installed in any part of the brain to allow researchers to see how different parts, such as the hippocampus, may be affected during a blast. Unfortunately, though, in order for the device to be applicable in real life, it must be installed in soldiers before they are deployed.

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