What is a Navicular Fracture of the Foot?

Navicular Stress Fracture in the Foot

The navicular bone is one of the largest bones in the foot. Like other bones, a navicular fracture can occur following a traumatic accident. As one of the biggest bones in the middle of the foot, the navicular plays a vital role in the support and balance of the lower body. If people suffer a fracture of their navicular bone, this could lead to long-term mobility issues.

What are the Common Causes of Navicular Fractures?

Some of the ways individuals might experience a fracture of their navicular include:

  • Sustaining a direct impact to the navicular bone in an auto accident.
  • A fall from a great height, such as from a roof.
  • A slip and fall accident on a wet floor or an icy sidewalk.
  • Stress fractures of the navicular which could occur gradually over time.
  • A plant and twist injury which might lead to an avulsion fracture of the navicular.

Because there are many small nerves and vessels that run through the foot, a navicular fracture needs to be treated as quickly as possible.

Symptoms of a Navicular Fracture

If people suffered a fracture of their navicular in a traumatic accident, there are several symptoms that they might notice. Some of the most common problems include:

  • Swelling of the foot, particularly in the middle.
  • Pain that gets worse while walking or moving the foot.
  • Redness and pain on palpation of the foot.
  • A decrease in the range of motion of the foot.

Treatment of a Fracture of the Navicular

Once an x-ray confirms that someone has broken his or her navicular, there are several treatment options available. Based on the x-ray, the doctor will need to decide whether or not the bone has been displaced. If the bone has been moved from its proper anatomic location, surgery might be required to reset the bone. After this operation is done, the foot will probably be placed in a cast to immobilize the foot while the bone heals. Bone fractures will take about 4 to 6 weeks to heal properly. Once the cast has been removed, the foot will probably be stiff. With physical therapy, most people who suffer a broken navicular will eventually make a full recovery.

Watch YouTube Video: How Can You Quickly Recover from a Navicular Stress Fracture? by Dr. David Geier – In this video, Dr. David Geier provides answers to frequently asked questions regarding a navicular stress fracture in the foot.

Importance of Medical Treatment Following a Fractured Navicular Bone

Anyone who is having trouble walking after a motor vehicle accident needs to seek the care of a trained medical professional immediately. There might be one or more broken bones in the foot, which could lead to long-term complications if not treated quickly.

Contacting a Personal Injury Lawyer

If a loved one has been diagnosed with a broken foot, such as a fracture of the navicular, he or she might require surgery to repair this injury. This could lead to many questions. Families deserve answers, which is where an accident attorney in California can help. You and your family might be owed a financial award.

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