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Natomas Multiple Vehicle Crash

Natomas Multiple Vehicle Crash

A North Natomas multiple vehicle crash on New Year’s Eve along West Elkhorn Boulevard resulted in an injury for which an ambulance was called. It was reported that three or four vehicles were involved. In addition to the person who incurred a serious injury, others suffered minor injuries in the crash. Since the California Highway Patrol (CHP) contacted Valley Toxicology for their services, the accident may have involved a drunk driver. The crash is under investigation by the CHP to determine the cause and to place fault.

Details of the North Natomas Multiple Vehicle Crash

The collision occurred shortly after 7:00 p.m. along westbound West Elkhorn Boulevard just east of East Levee Road. It involved a Dodge Challenger, a Toyota Camry and a Toyota Tacoma pickup that have been identified at the time of this report. It was described as a head-on collision; however, it is unknown which vehicle caused the accident. Westbound lanes along Elkhorn Boulevard were blocked by the accident, and at least one vehicle had major front-end damage.

Head On Collision in a Natomas Multiple Vehicle Crash

Head on collisions can result in serious injuries and death. The impact in a head on collision is multiplied by the velocity of both vehicles, magnifying the resultant force. Often the impact is great enough to throw an occupant through the front windshield. Roughly 2 percent of all crashes are classified as head on collisions, yet they are responsible for 10 percent of all motor vehicle accident deaths.

Injuries Seen With a Head On Natomas Multiple Vehicle Crash

In a fraction of a moment, head on collisions such as the one in the Natomas multiple vehicle crash can cause traumatic injuries. Occupants can be pinned in the vehicle’s interior, making it harder for rescue personnel to reach them. Other occupants may be thrown from the vehicle in a secondary rollover, doubling the damage inflicted on them, particularly if they are hit while lying in the road. In some accidents, the front of the vehicle is sheared off. The types of injuries seen amid this horrific situation are:

  • Head trauma: These accidents can cause lacerations to the scalp or skull fractures, which usually involve direct trauma.
  • Traumatic brain injury: This type of injury can range from simple concussions to trauma to the brain itself. While concussion can often heal completely in a few months, brain lesions can lead to life-altering consequences.
  • Spine injury: One of the most damaging injuries after brain trauma is a spinal injury. Depending on the level at which the spinal cord was damaged, the person may be paralyzed partially or entirely. The spine itself can be damaged from fractures or herniation of the vertebrae.
  • Direct trauma to the brain: Due to the nature of this type of accident, debris may pierce the brain. This sort of injury requires surgery and often ends in death.
  • Internal injury: This is often caused by blunt force trauma and can affect both the chest and abdomen. Injury to the organs located there can involve damage to the heart, lungs, spleen, stomach, and intestine. This can require immediate life-saving surgery, or it can hemorrhage into the abdomen or chest. Many times, blood loss can last several hours before the individual is diagnosed due to falling blood pressure.
  • Fractures: Because a head on collision is so violent, serious fractures such as pelvic or femur fractures, can occur.

What a Natomas Personal Injury Attorney Can Do For You

An attorney can investigate the scene of the accident. When a multiple vehicle crash with a head on collision is involved, determining fault is challenging. The attorney can employ accident reconstruction techniques that recreate the accident to do this. Further, the car accident lawyer can speak to witnesses and review accident reports generated by the responding officers. After reviewing medical charts, he or she will be able to structure a strong case, helping you to recover damages. In addition, the injury lawyer will deal with insurance companies and answer their questions while you concentrate on healing.

Natomas Auto Accident Lawyer

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