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February 07, 2019
Edward Smith

Natomas Big Rig Crash on Interstate 5

A Natomas big rig crash with several other vehicles occurred February 7 along Interstate 5 southbound. It happened just south of the Arena Boulevard onramp and resulted in injuries. The accident was between a FedEx semi pulling a trailer, a Chevy Silverado and a dark colored sedan. It occurred shortly after 6:00 in the morning. One of the vehicles was reported by the California Highway Patrol (CHP) as facing the wrong way, blocking the Arena Boulevard offramp. The others were along the right-hand side, blocking the lanes. It is unknown what caused the Natomas big rig crash. The incident is being investigated by the CHP to determine the reason for the crash.

Accident Injuries in Natomas Big Rig Crash

An ambulance was called to the scene, along with at least one tow truck. It is unknown at the time of this report what the extent of injuries were or whether people were treated at the scene or transported to a hospital for further medical care.

Big Rig Accidents

Large trucks such as those used by FedEx, garbage and cement transport vehicles and others, can cause severe injuries to those who are in a motor vehicle. Some of the reasons an accident caused by a big truck can be negligent are:

  • Poorly trained driver: A driver who lacks sufficient training is more apt to cause a jackknife accident or stop short, causing an underride.
  • Maintenance issues: A truck that is not regularly maintained can have a blowout, brake failure or other issue that can cause a Natomas big rig crash.
  • Wide turns: Big trucks require a wider turn radius than motor vehicles. If the driver does not check for traffic before making a turn or going around a curve, the truck can cause a Natomas big rig crash.
  • Rollovers: Rollovers in a big rig can happen if the load is improperly secured or unbalanced. In addition, it can happen if the big rig’s tires go off the road. A rollover can impact other vehicles causing a major Natomas big rig crash. In addition, the truck can cause a motor vehicle to experience a rollover.
  • Blind spots: Motorists should be careful when traveling in a truck’s blind spots. A trucker should too because the driver can move into an occupied lane and cause a collision.
  • Lost cargo: A flatbed or trailer that is improperly loaded can lose its cargo, striking other vehicles or creating a traffic hazard.

Investigating a Big Truck Accident

Truck accidents that involve a motor vehicle are more complicated than ordinary crashes. Some drivers are independent operators who own their own vehicle. Others are employed by a company. In an investigation of a truck accident, the lawyer will examine the driver’s record and log books to see if any infractions have been committed. Maintenance logs and scheduling must be checked for errors. In addition, the company may be responsible because of unreasonable demands on their drivers or poor maintenance and loading of their vehicles. An experienced truck accident lawyer can help by obtaining proof of misconduct to build a strong case for financial compensation to recover medical costs, lost wages and other expenses.

Natomas Truck Accident Lawyer

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