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National Houseplant Appreciation Day

Fill Your Winter Home with Houseplants

By the second week of January, most households have taken down their festive holiday decorations, and the winter doldrums have begun to set in.  National Houseplant Appreciation Day is on January 10th and is a good reminder that the vibrancy and energy that natural greenery brings into our home does not have to be limited to December’s Christmas tree.  If you are experiencing a bout of post-holiday sadness, here is a reason to liven up your home spaces by adding some new houseplants.  

The Many Ways Houseplants Can Benefit Health 

Being surrounded by greenery is a good way to lift your mood, but it also has some benefits for your physical health.  Houseplant Appreciation Day, which was created by the Gardener’s Network, seeks to raise awareness of the many benefits of cultivating an indoor plant. Plants convert carbon dioxide into life-giving oxygen, which can improve the air quality in your house.  Additionally, they release moisture into the dry winter air.  Plants are just generally a great addition to any home – they can add a fresh scent of the outdoors, and nurturing a plant to vibrant growth can bring a sense of accomplishment to the gardener.  Some plants have more tangible benefits – the salve from Aloe Vera aids in the healing of minor cuts and burns, for example, and there is an assortment of herbs that you can grow to add flavor to your meals.

Celebrate the Day

Here are a few suggestions for celebrating National Houseplant Appreciation Day.

  • Welcome new plants into your home.  Okay, this is fairly obvious, but one way to appreciate houseplants is to buy new ones.  Visit a local nursery for some succulents, an easy-to-maintain spider plant, or the nearly impossible to kill pothos.  
  • Give your plants names.  If you have not already done so, January 10th would be a good day to formally christen all your plants.  Do you need some water, Christofern?  
  • Give your plants new homes.  NHAD would be a nice time to purchase a new pot to upgrade from the plastic vessel in which plants are usually housed at the nursery.  Local nursery chain Green Acres has a ton of planters to choose from.  Many others can be delivered right to your door from a number of online retailers.  If you are short on cash (because planters are not cheap!), you could upgrade the pots you already own with a fresh or creative paint job.  For a new pot on a budget, terra cotta planters are usually available at the major big box hardware stores and are fairly inexpensive.  They are also fun to paint.
  • Buy a new watering can. There are many fun watering cans to choose from, and they make the chore of watering all your houseplants more enjoyable than using a glass of water or carrying your plants to your kitchen sink.
  • Read a book on houseplants. Do some self-study to become a master houseplant gardener.  Reserve a book on indoor gardens from your local library or purchase one from a neighborhood bookstore.
  • Propagate.  If you already are in possession of a succulent or a pothos, they are incredibly easy to propagate.  This will give you two plant friends instead of one.

Watch the YouTube video below that describes the simple process of propagating your pothos.

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