Napa Landslides


Napa Landslides and Flooding Cause Accidents

I’m Ed Smith, a Napa car accident lawyer. Torrential rain in recent weeks has contributed to hazards along Napa County roadways. As our highways and surface streets turn slick and flooded we see an increase in the number of car accidents.

Landslides at Silverado

Flooding on roadways and landslides in Napa county have created numerous challenges for our residents. The Napa County Sheriff’s Department reported that Silverado Trail needed to be closed when tons of dirt and rocks came tumbling down onto the roadway. The latest report available from officials here indicate that the landslide on Silverado Trail is still unstable and causing the roadway to be unsafe for travel.

Pratt Street Intersection Impacted by Landslide

An additional landslide on Silverado Trail caused the roadway to be blocked at the intersection at Pratt Street. The California Highway Patrol (CHP) reported that geologists had arrived at the scene of the dangerous landslide and had started work on examining the damage to the roadway as well as the stability of the rock wall in order to determine what measures would need to be taken to ensure that the street, if reopened, would not present a dangerous risk to motorists.

More Hazardous Driving Conditions

Another landslide occurred in between Pope Street and Deer Park. So far, there has been no estimate given as to how long it would take for crews of workers to arrive and clear the debris so that the roadway can again be safe for travel.

Falling Tree – Canyon Creek Resort Area

Meanwhile, erosion caused by water led to the falling of a large tree and a subsequent landslide on a hill off of Route 128. The damage to the land surrounding the highway was significant enough for authorities to close a section of the highway a small distance east of Canyon Creek Resort.

Highway 121 Closed at Schellvile

The California Highway Patrol has also warned Napa locals that Highway 121 is still closed at Schellvile.

Other Accidents Reported by CHP

Thankfully, none of the traffic incidents resulting from these dangerous road conditions have been reported to include critical or serious injuries. However, there have been reports of rear-end collisions and at least one driver was reported to have not seen flooding soon enough on a Napa roadway, causing them to veer away from the flooded area and into a nearby muddy ditch where their car was stuck and required towing.

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