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Napa Injury Collision Requires Extrication

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January 25, 2018
Edward Smith

Napa Injury Collision Requires Extrication
Napa Injury Collision Requires Extrication

An auto accident that involved multiple vehicles left two individuals with injuries and required a vehicle extrication recently.

Crash Information

Napa City Fire reported that the accident occurred on Highway 29 between Lincoln Avenue and First Street exits. The collision reportedly involved two vehicles but the details of how the trucks collided has not been made clear by authorities.

Additionally, traffic along Highway 29 was impacted severely by the wreck. Rescue and cleanup related to the incident took approximately one hour, closing the area to through traffic.


Firefighters who arrived at the collision site found the accident involved a food delivery van and a pickup truck. Responders said that the wreckage of the two vehicles blocked both south and northbound lanes of Highway 29, with the pickup truck balancing around 2-3 feet off of the ground in the highway median. Firefighters had to extricate one passenger from the severely damaged pickup truck.


The individual who required extrication was transported to the Queen of the Valley Medical center for treatment of moderate injuries. The drivers of both vehicles were also taken to the same hospital to receive treatment for minor injuries and screening for more serious injuries that may not have been immediately apparent at the accident scene.

No other individuals or vehicles were reported to have been involved in this accident.


Officials are investigating this incident in order to determine what factors were involved. Factors that may have had a part to play in this auto accident are various and may include common accident factors such as speeding, driving while operating a mobile device, DUI, malfunctioning vehicle parts, and more.

Staying Alert

No matter what the roadway conditions are and no matter how other drivers behave, you can always decrease your risk of being involved in an auto accident significantly by simply making sure that you pay full attention to the road. While this may sound obvious, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has revealed that they estimate more than 3,000 people die on U.S. roads every year in distraction-related accidents. The FCC reports that around 18 percent of all U.S. auto accident fatalities are caused by distracted drivers.

Additionally, surveys find that many drivers text and drive despite knowing the dangers that doing so presents. If you want to avoid the temptation and stay safe while on the road, consider downloading one of the many available safe-driving apps that prevent you from texting and driving.

The DMV recommends a few on this webpage.

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