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December 11, 2019
Edward Smith

New Funds Help Fix Napa City Streets

The city of Napa has been improving the quality of its roads over the last decade. Officials from the Napa Public Works Department said on Tuesday, December 3, 2019, that a year-old sales tax, will be used to help protect Napa city streets roads. Furthermore, the city plans to use funds from the tax to repair and extend curbs and sidewalks as well as improve traffic signals and safety features for pedestrians and cyclists.

Measure T and Napa Road Improvement Funds

The new funds for Napa’s road projects are being provided by Measure T, a half-cent sales tax marked for road upkeep passed through a city-wide vote during the last election cycle. The tax took effect in 2018 and will make up 73 percent of Napa’s annual budget for street repairs, about five million dollars out of 6.3 million allotted for the fiscal year ending in June 2020.

Street surfacing will make up the majority of spending from Measure T funds, accounting for around 57 percent of the total eight million allotment. Other sales-tax funds include around two million for sidewalk extension and repair, and around 1.5 million for traffic signals. Spending in the future will focus on pedestrian and cyclist safety features such as push-button crosswalk lights, green-painted cycling lanes at intersections, and digital speed readouts.

Altogether, the Napa City government is scheduled to spend around 17 million dollars on roadway improvements. This is an increase of around 4.6 million from the previous year, and more than triple the amount allotted for 2017-18.

Napa Roads Scored

News regarding the funding boost for Napa roads came shortly after a survey of road conditions in the Bay Area was published by the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC). The report placed Napa slightly above the regional average at 70 out of 100 points for overall pavement condition, an improvement of around 16 points over the last decade. MTC’s pavement scores place Napa near the middle of the “fair-to-good” category, with scores of 80 and higher indicating excellent conditions and scores lower than 50 labeled “poor or failed.”

Napa’s noted street condition improvement is closely tied to Napa’s annual paving program, which resurfaces 10 miles of streets every year. The program started in 2009 when Napa was rated as the region’s fifth-worst city for pavement condition. Federal funds from a municipal stimulus package helped the program in its early years, and city officials say that Measure T should sustain it while improving Napa’s pavement score by at least one point per year.

Accidents and Dangerous Roads

When a roadway is in disrepair, it can lead to serious auto accidents. In many cases, these collisions leave people with major injuries that dramatically affect their lives. In order to recover financially and personally after an accident caused by a faulty roadway, crash survivors can file accident claims against the government entity responsible for that road. However, these cases are different from typical injury cases and have a shorter timeframe for filing. For this reason, it’s always best to reach out to a Napa personal injury lawyer right away if you’ve been hurt in a collision.

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