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Multiple-Vehicle Crash in Folsom Plays Havoc With Traffic

Five Vehicles involved in Crash on U.S. 50 in Folsom

A multiple-vehicle crash occurred on June 26 at 5:27 in the evening on westbound U.S. 50 east of East Bidwell Street in Folsom. According to the California Highway Patrol (CHP), the accident involved five vehicles, including two SUVs (one gray and the other red), a black Telsa, a Ford Edge and a white Ford sedan. 

Debris was strewn across the highway and three of the vehicles blocked the roadway with the Ford SUV blocking the number three lane. One of the drivers ran away on foot and was last seen heading up the East Bidwell exit ramp toward Scott. The CHP reported that one hour after the multiple-vehicle crash, a vehicle was still blocking the highway. No injuries have yet to be reported. An investigation into how and why the multiple-vehicle accident occurred is in progress.

Highway Dangers

Not only do highways have higher speed limits, but they are the site of most multiple-vehicle crashes. The increased speed makes multiple-vehicle crashes more dangerous since a higher impact level leads to more severe injuries as opposed to those that happen at slower speeds. There is no way to lower the speed limit on most California highways since this would drastically affect transportation. However, driver behavior modifications are possible, and this can have the highest level of success in lowering the number of accidents. Some common ways to do this are listed below:

  • Driving distracted: Focusing on anything but the road is a surefire way to initiate a multiple-vehicle crash. This is a common form of driver error and has become the number one reason for accidents overall, surpassing drunk driving.
  • Drunk driving: Even at number two, drunk driving takes in the area of 10,000 lives each year. This is due to the loss of cognitive ability suffered by inebriated motor vehicle drivers. This danger is easily preventable – don’t drink and drive.
  • Speeding: The faster a driver operates his or her motor vehicle, the higher the risk of being unable to control it. Out of control vehicles are a danger on the road and the reason many accidents happen. It is also problematic when a driver needs to stop to avoid crashing. High speeds mean that the brakes will be unable to overcome the vehicle’s velocity.
  • Inclement weather: Inclement weather plays a big part in many multiple-vehicle accidents. For example, rainy weather can cause vehicles to hydroplane, especially in drought-ridden areas. Because highways are crowded when a vehicle is out of control, the likelihood of hitting another car or truck is high. On a crowded highway, this can lead to a multiple-vehicle crash since there is little room to get out of the way. 
  • Defective auto parts: Not every problem is driver related. Some are due to the poor design and lackluster manufacturing of individual vehicles. For instance, the tires may falter and brakes may stop working, making it impossible for a driver to control his or her vehicle. When this happens, the manufacturer and everyone in the retail chain is responsible. Product liability lawsuits are used to reclaim damages.
  • Reckless driving: In today’s world, many people get behind the wheel already angry at other things. When such drivers perceive that someone else is in their way, they may use aggressive moves to fight back. This can include derogatory hand signals, use of a weapon, tailgating or moving in and out of traffic. These actions are likely to begin a chain reaction.

Investigating a Multiple-Vehicle Crash

There are many factors involved in a multiple-vehicle crash. Driver errors, as outlined above, need to be documented when our investigators arrive on the scene. Problems with devices in vehicles such as defective brakes or tires are examined. We also check to see that airbags functioned properly.  Our investigators speak to witnesses and obtain any form of video footage capturing the accident as it happened. We also review police reports for mistakes. Once all evidence is acquired, our lawyers use it to build a strong case for the client. 

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