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Multiple-Vehicle Crash in Fairfield Injures Seven

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July 26, 2022
Edward Smith

Multiple Casualties Reported in Accident on I-80

A multiple-vehicle crash in Fairfield occurred on July 21 that sent seven people to the hospital. The accident happened along Interstate 80 eastbound near Manuel Campos Parkway. The Fairfield Fire Protection District reported that they were joined by Suisun and Vacaville fire personnel to assess those involved in the multiple casualty crash. 

Traffic Affected by Multiple-Vehicle Crash

The seven patients transported to the hospital suffered reported minor injuries. Traffic was affected along westbound I-80 as well as Lyon Road as the scene was cleared. The accident is being investigated by authorities to determine how it happened.

Minor Injuries Can Result in Delayed Symptoms

It is possible for more serious injuries to appear later as delayed symptoms following a multiple-vehicle crash. Because of the emotional impact of a crash, adrenaline can mask the pain until later. After any traffic accident, regardless of how minor the injuries are, it is important to head to the ER or your physician to be examined.

Following an Accident

An accident attorney may be able to assist you if a minor injury turns into something more serious following a multiple-vehicle crash. Our lawyers are capable, tenacious, and resourceful when it comes to pursuing a successful outcome in your case against a negligent party. In addition to gathering the evidence you need to support your claim, we can calculate your damages and negotiate the settlement with the insurance company for you.

Symptoms Associated With Injuries That Are More Severe

Some injuries may initially appear minor but aren’t. Symptoms that can indicate a more serious injury include:

  • Increasing headache: Most people dismiss headaches as minor injuries after a traffic collision, but they can be caused by a variety of factors. Increased headache severity may indicate a concussion or hemorrhage from a traumatic brain injury. The importance of seeing a physician cannot be overstated to rule out problems.
  • Cervical sprain or strain: Strain or sprain of the cervical spine often occurs after a traffic accident. There are often no initial symptoms associated with these seemingly minor injuries. As stiffness and pain set in and worsens, it becomes harder to move the body, including the head and shoulders. The condition can be chronic, lasting more than a year, even though it usually resolves in a month or two.
  • Back pain: It may appear that sore backs are minor injuries at first. The condition can, however, worsen over time, indicating soft tissue damage, herniated discs or other spinal injuries. Checking it out is a good idea since this type of trauma can cause pain and difficulty moving.
  • Abdominal trauma: The dash or steering wheel can strike the people in the front seat, causing abdominal pain. Furthermore, seatbelts are tightened and airbags are deployed. It is possible to experience severe pain and heavy bruises in the abdomen as a delayed symptom following a multiple-vehicle crash, which may indicate internal damage or bleeding.

Fairfield Car Accident Lawyer

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