Multiple-Vehicle Accident in Fair Oaks Injures One Person

Hazel Avenue Multiple-Vehicle Accident Stops Traffic

A multiple-vehicle accident happened in Fair Oaks on February 26 that required help from first responders with the Sacramento Fire Department. The crash happened on southbound Hazel Avenue just south of Madison Avenue around 12:46 in the afternoon. The California Highway Patrol (CHP) reported that the accident involved a Ford F-150 pickup, a Kia Optima, and one additional vehicle. 

One Injured Patient Transported to Hospital

All traffic was stopped behind the collision as police and emergency responders arrived at the scene. After assessing injuries in the collision, one patient was transported to a nearby hospital for more evaluation and treatment of injuries. The CHP is investigating the Fair Oaks multiple-vehicle accident to find out how it happened and to assign fault.

Multiple-Vehicle Accidents in Urban Areas

Multiple-vehicle accidents can be catastrophic for those involved. The biggest problem is that a vehicle is often struck several times in this type of accident as they often pivot from one lane to another. When this happens, the car’s safety devices are no longer protective. For example, once the airbags inflate, they are no longer able to protect the occupants. 

In urban areas, while the speed of the vehicles may be slower, the area is often more cramped and this can lead to greater injuries as the vehicles continue to be struck. 

Rear-End Collisions 

Many multiple-vehicle collisions are initiated by a rear-end collision. For instance, the vehicle to the rear strikes and pushes the lead vehicle into the car in front of them. In some cases, the lead vehicle is pushed out of the lane, causing even more collisions in an adjacent lane.

Fire in a Multiple-Vehicle Accident

Since vehicles are often jammed together in a multiple-vehicle accident, a fuel leak can pose a danger to not just one vehicle but others as well. Since it is difficult for fire trucks to reach the vehicles, the fire may grow intense. Also, injured motorists may have to wait for ambulances to reach them.

Causes of a Multiple-Vehicle Accident

There are different reasons why a multiple-vehicle accident occurs:

  • Tailgating: Following the vehicle in front can leave the driver to the rear without the ability to stop if traffic slows. 
  • Distracted driving: Focusing on something other than the road can make it impossible for the driver to see another vehicle or a pedestrian entering the roadway. Even if they see them, chances are the driver will not have enough time to stop before hitting them.
  • Bad roads: Roads that are sleek from rain or ice often cause a multiple-vehicle accident. Drivers need to lower their speed to accommodate the weather.
  • Low visibility: Such things as fog or heavy rain can interfere with a driver seeing other vehicles or a pedestrian on the road ahead.
  • Construction zones: Improper signage entering a construction zone can cause a multiple-vehicle collision.

Investigating a Multiple-Vehicle Accident

Due to the complexity of a multiple vehicle accident, investigating the crash to assign fault is more difficult. Each driver involved in the crash may have been partly responsible for the collision. Our investigators question witnesses to the accident and obtain video footage from bystanders and traffic surveillance cameras to better understand how the crash happened. 

The investigative team will also review police reports for mistakes. This is important since many insurance companies use the reports during the negotiation process. Finally, the investigators use accident reconstruction techniques to determine liability

Once all the data is amassed by our investigators, they assemble it and present the information to our experienced legal team as they work to build a strong case for the client.

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