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Multiple People Injured in Single-Vehicle West Sacramento Crash

Accident on Reuter Drive Causes Two Serious Injuries

Multiple people suffered injuries in a West Sacramento crash on June 11 when the pickup they were riding in hit a tree for unknown reasons. The West Sacramento Police Department reported that the accident happened at Reuter Drive and Elkhorn Plaza at around 8:00 in the evening. Significant injuries were reported in two people, while others involved in the crash had minor trauma. The police are investigating to find out why the accident occurred.

Causes of a West Sacramento Crash Other Than Driver Error

A West Sacramento crash involving a single vehicle is common as it is elsewhere. Most accidents of this type involve driver error such as speeding, distracted or drunk driving, or simply fatigue. However, there are reasons a West Sacramento crash can occur that are outside the influence of the driver. This is one of the reasons it is so important to retain a vehicle following a collision, so it can be examined. These include:

  • Auto defects: A defect in a motor vehicle such as the brakes, steering, accelerator, or engine can cause a West Sacramento crash. This is because the driver no longer has the ability to control their vehicle if a tire blows out, the accelerator sticks or the steering wheel suddenly locks. When an auto defect causes a collision, the injured party can seek compensation by filing a product liability claim against the manufacturer and others. Negligence doesn’t have to be proven in product liability claims. 
  • Neglected road maintenance: Roadways with potholes, upheaved pavement, poor lighting and malfunctioning traffic signals can easily result in a West Sacramento crash. The government entity in charge may be liable for any damages caused by an accident injury. Because the timeline for filing is short, it may benefit an injured person to seek help from an injury attorney. In this way, they can be assured the documents will be completed correctly and filed on time. Otherwise, if that deadline is missed, the court will refuse to hear the case.
  • Hit-and-run drivers: Unfortunately, the number of hit-and-run drivers sharing the roadways has increased a great deal in the past few years. An injury lawyer can investigate an accident to determine if a hit-and-run driver caused the West Sacramento crash or if a government entity or defective product was responsible.

Investigation Is Key to a Client’s Successful Claim

An investigation to collect evidence to support a client’s injury claim is necessary to take the case to a successful conclusion. Some of the areas that are examined include:

  • Checking the accident report for errors
  • Examining the driving record of the other driver
  • Looking for surveillance cameras that might have video of the West Sacramento crash
  • Taking statements from any witnesses to the accident
  • Performing accident reconstruction 

Once the evidence is all gathered, our injury attorneys use it to construct a strong claim that benefits our client’s case.

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