Multiple Injury Chain-Reaction Crash in South Sacramento

Chain-Reaction Crash in South Sacramento

A chain-reaction crash in South Sacramento on August 11 caused injury to multiple individuals. The accident happened in the vicinity of Florin Road and McComber Street, according to Sacramento Metro Fire. Early reports said that the accident involved a collision between a pedestrian and a motor vehicle. However, this was later updated. Two vehicles stopped to help those involved in the initial accident when they became part of what became a chain-reaction crash. Traffic on the westbound lanes was stalled as tow trucks arrived, police cleared the scene and investigated the accident. 


In total, seven people were injured. Five of the individuals had non-life threatening injuries and were transported to a local hospital for treatment. The other two suffered serious injuries and were rushed to the hospital. 

What an Attorney Can Do for You

Accident sites can be confusing and hectic, especially if a chain-reaction crash is involved. If you are injured, you may not be able to gather the information you need. That is why the insight of a car accident lawyer is important. We send our investigators to the scene of the crash to gather information. They look for evidence that can prove who was at fault. In a chain-reaction crash, this may involve multiple individuals. We interview witnesses who saw the crash happen and obtain video footage of the accident. Our investigators also check the accuracy of the police reports. Once this data is amassed, our legal team puts together a strong case against those to blame for our client’s injuries. We use this information to negotiate with the insurance company or file a case in civil court.

Good Samaritans in a Roadside Accident

It is common to hear of Good Samaritans being injured when they stop to help people injured in a crash or those who had a flat tire, vehicle equipment failure, or other emergencies. While their bravery should be applauded, they often become injured themselves when they are hit by a passing vehicle or hurt in a car fire. Many times, they are the first individuals on the scene even before professional emergency responders and police. Once a person leaves his or her vehicle roadside, the chance of being injured increases. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 16 percent of all serious injuries occur when someone leaves their vehicle on a busy thoroughfare. In most of such accidents, the person left their vehicle due to an accident they were involved in or stopped to help someone else. 

Should You Leave Your Vehicle After an Accident

This is a difficult question to answer. On some occasions, if a Good Samaritan does not stop, the injured party may die. However, stopping could mean that both the injured party and the Good Samaritan can be harmed. It is important to examine the circumstances before leaving your vehicle. For instance, if the injured party is not in immediate danger, it may be best to call 911. Even if you decide that you should remain at the scene of a chain-reaction crash, make sure to pull off the road and turn on your headlights and activate your flashers. Stay in your vehicle, and keep your seat belt on. If the injured person is in imminent danger, you may decide to leave your vehicle and should take certain precautions.

How to Lessen the Risk of Leaving Your Vehicle

If you leave your car, it is important not to stand behind or in front of the other vehicle. Instead, use the side of the vehicle that is furthest from the road. If the injured party does not have their flashers activated, turn them on. In addition, if you have access to cones, you might carefully place them around the vehicle. In most instances, it is best to leave the person in their vehicle. In the event of a car fire or the danger of one, the person needs to be extricated if possible.

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