Multiple Critical Injuries Reported in Sacramento Collision

Calvine Road Three-Vehicle Crash Causes Six Critical Injuries

Six people suffered critical injuries in a multiple-vehicle Sacramento collision on December 11. The accident happened sometime around 5:00 p.m. along Calvine Road at its intersection with Power Inn Road and involved three vehicles. Sac Metro Fire responded to the major crash. No update has yet been provided with details of the accident or the conditions of those who were hospitalized.

Dangerous Intersections Can Lead to a Deadly Crash

There are certain intersections in Sacramento that are more dangerous than others, and accidents along Power Inn Road aren’t unusual despite the presence of good visibility and traffic signals. However, many factors go into making an intersection safe and dangers can include:

  • Lanes that aren’t marked properly or have faded lines can lead to an accident with critical injuries.
  • Signs or lights that are obstructed can cause a collision.
  • Poor maintenance of the roadway can lead to an accident with critical injuries in which the government entity in charge can be held responsible.
  • Lack of a barrier in the median can cause vehicles to cross over into oncoming traffic, resulting in a head-on collision, which often involves critical injuries.
  • Inadequate lighting can present a serious hazard after dark or during twilight.

Negligent Drivers at Intersections Can Cause an Accident With Critical Injuries

More than half of all accident injuries occur at intersections, and negligent drivers are the usual cause. Because not only drivers but bicycle riders, motorcyclists, and pedestrians all pass through an intersection, they have to be alert to dangers in every direction. Some of the major causes of traffic collisions involving negligent motorists are:

  • Speeding is a major cause of intersection accidents. When a driver is speeding, they often end up running through a stop sign or red light.
  • Distracted driving contributes to all types of collisions, including at intersections. The distracted driver may be talking on their cell phone, texting, accessing GPS, or other activities that take their focus away from driving.
  • Driving intoxicated or while impaired by drugs, whether legal or illegal, can cause an accident resulting in critical injuries. The drunk/drugged driver has slower reflexes, can have problems focusing on the traffic around them, and uses poor judgment. This combination makes them a danger on the roadway.
  • Fatigued driving is another cause of all types of accidents. Afternoons and late at night are times that are especially dangerous to others sharing the roadway. The results of fatigued driving are similar to those who are drunk, and they can drift into another lane or fall asleep at the wheel of their vehicle.

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