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December 04, 2019
Edward Smith

Driver Trapped Inside Vehicle After Sacramento Collision

An unconscious driver was found trapped in their car after a December 2 single-vehicle collision along Florin Road. The Sacramento Fire Department was summoned to the scene to extricate the driver. Officers with the Sacramento Police Department also responded to the accident, which occurred shortly after noon between 21st Street and Tam O Shanter Way. They discovered the driver unresponsive but still breathing. The driver was transported to a nearby hospital, and no further information has been released yet as to the patient’s condition. The vehicle involved was a black SUV, which was found crashed on the side of the road facing traffic and may have spun out due to the rain and wet streets.

Single-Vehicle Collision Causes 

The majority of crashes involving one vehicle are due to driver error. They may include distracted driving, inexperience, alcohol or drug use, or fatigue. However, a smaller percentage may be caused by outside forces. These can include:

  • Weather conditions: Ice, snow, or rain can lead to a single-vehicle accident. Motorists should remember to adjust their speed to allow for slippery conditions. 
  • Road maintenance: Potholes, fissures in the pavement, poorly designed roadways, debris, and other areas where lack of proper maintenance is apparent can lead to a single-vehicle collision. When this happens, the government agency in charge of maintenance can be held liable. However, the timeline and way to file against a government entity for damages is different from most other personal injury claims. A lawyer experienced in breaking through government immunity may help you recover the compensation that you deserve.
  • Motor vehicle defects: The driver is not at fault for an accident if it was due to a defective part in the vehicle. Tire blowouts or tread separation, defects in brakes, accelerator, or steering wheel can all be culprits when a single-vehicle collision occurs. Those who have been injured by a motor vehicle defect may place a products liability claim against the manufacturer and others in the chain to recover damages.

How a Lawyer Helps You Obtain Compensation

When someone has been injured in an accident that wasn’t their fault, negligence by the other individual or entity must be proven in order to obtain compensation. It has been shown that those who enlist the help of a lawyer are awarded a higher amount than those that do not. This is because the lawyer works to build a strong case in your favor. Our investigators go right away to the scene of the accident to gather evidence to support your claim. The investigators speak to witnesses to the accident and review the report by the police to look for inaccuracies. In addition, they check for nearby traffic surveillance cameras that might have caught the accident on tape. Accident reconstruction can determine the positions of the vehicles before and after the collision, and roadway damage can help determine whether speeding or last-minute braking was involved. Once all the evidence has been compiled, it is given to our lawyers. They use this information to build your case, which can either be used to negotiate with the insurance company or to present in civil court. 

Car Accident Injury Lawyers in Sacramento

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento car accident lawyer. Single-vehicle collisions may have a number of causes, but not all of them happen because of driver error. If you were injured in an accident that you believe was caused by negligence, phone me for my free and friendly advice. You can reach me at (916) 921-6400 or long-distance at (800) 404-5400. An online contact form is also available for your use.

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