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July 18, 2022
Edward Smith

Accident on West Highway 50 Injures Motorcyclist

A motorcyclist injury was reported in Sacramento on July 15 in a collision that involved another vehicle and a tractor-trailer. The accident occurred along Highway 50 westbound at Stockton Boulevard as reported by the California Highway Patrol (CHP). Lanes along Highway 50 were blocked because of the accident. 

Sacramento Motorcyclist Hospitalized After Multiple-Vehicle Crash

Injuries occurred to the motorcycle rider, who was transported to a hospital for additional care and evaluation. However, the condition of the rider was not reported. Neither alcohol nor drugs appear to have factored into the crash. The CHP is investigating the motorcyclist injury accident to find out how it occurred and to assign fault.

Dangers of a Motorcycle Injury Accident

When it comes to collisions, motorcycle riders are often at a disadvantage. Although they can move quickly and are more maneuverable on their motorcycles, when a collision is involved, it places the rider at a big disadvantage when it comes to the risk of injuries. Riders often suffer severe and even life-threatening injuries, and all because a motorist wasn’t watching for them.

Drivers Often Say They Never Saw the Motorcycle 

A common excuse made by drivers of passenger vehicles is that they never saw the motorcycle because they are attuned to looking out for other cars, not anyone else sharing the roadway. However, motorcyclists have the same rights as others sharing the road and can place a personal injury claim against the driver to recover damages such as:

  • Medical: After a motorcyclist injury accident caused by another’s negligence, the rider may recover all their medical costs. These expenses include ambulance, hospitalization, surgeries, tests, medications and physical therapy or rehabilitation. If the trauma is ongoing, calculations can be made for future medical costs and be included in the settlement. 
  • Wages: Lost wages are of real concern to someone who has suffered a motorcyclist injury. If the trauma is severe enough, they are unsure whether they will be able to perform their previous job or even go back to work at all. That is a frightening position to be in, especially if they contribute to the household’s income. All wages that were lost because the motorcyclist injury prevented the rider from working can be recovered, including any pension/insurance benefits and others. When they go back to work, if they have to take a lower-paying position, the difference in salaries is calculated and recovered. If the rider suffers a permanent injury and can no longer work, their salary is figured until the age of retirement, and that is recoverable too with the help of an accident attorney.
  • Pain and suffering: Certainly in a motorcycle injury accident, the rider often suffers serious physical pain, and compensation can be awarded for that. However, psychological and emotional pain often occurs where the injured party relives the accident in their dreams and suffers from anxiety, depression and other negative reactions. The rider can recover compensation for that too.

Best Motorcycle Accident Lawyers in Sacramento

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