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Motorcyclist Fatality Reported in Sacramento Freak Accident

Motorcyclist and Driver Both Succumb to Accident Injuries

A motorcyclist fatality occurred on April 24 in Sacramento following a freak accident involving multiple vehicles. The collision occurred along Highway 99 southbound near Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard shortly after noon, according to the California Highway Patrol (CHP) incident report. The accident occurred after the motorcyclist, a man from Modesto, who was riding a Harley Davidson, lost his saddlebag.

Motorcyclist Struck While Retrieving Saddlebag From Highway

The saddlebag landed in the number one lane of the highway. The motorcyclist, in an attempt to retrieve his bag, pulled into the center median. Before he could reach it, the saddlebag was struck by a passenger vehicle, and the contents were spilled across the lane. As the motorcyclist attempted to retrieve it, a 2002 Toyota struck him. The car was being driven by a Stockton man, age 42. 

Both Driver and Motorcyclist Hospitalized With Major Injuries

The force of the collision threw the helmeted motorcyclist onto the Toyota’s hood and through the windshield where he struck the driver in the face and head. A 2006 Honda Civic struck the Toyota from behind and was hit by a Mercedes GL450 in turn. Medics with the Sacramento Fire Department rushed both the motorcyclist and driver of the Toyota to a hospital with what were described as major injuries. 

Two Fatalities Occur as a Result of a Freak Accident

Both died at the hospital as a result of the collision, while those in the other vehicles suffered minor injuries. An investigation into the motorcyclist fatality accident is ongoing by the CHP, who has not yet ruled out the use of drugs or alcohol as a factor in the crash. A CHP traffic collision report generally takes about two to three weeks to obtain in fatality cases.

Losing a Loved One in a Wrongful Death

A wrongful death occurs when a family member dies because of someone else’s negligent actions. That negligence can be by a motorist, a manufacturer, physician, government agency, or other. What it means is that the person who passed away shouldn’t have. It was only because of the negligence of another that they did. 

A death in the family leaves the surviving members grief-stricken, confused, angry, and wondering why their loved one was lost. Not only is their loved one gone, but the family finds itself facing financial loss, which can include:

  • Funeral and burial expenses
  • Wages the loved one contributed to the household, including pension and insurance benefits and others
  • The love and affection the decedent expressed toward the spouse, including the loss of consortium
  • The guidance and nurturing the decedent provided for the family’s children

With the help of a Sacramento wrongful death lawyer, those losses can be recovered financially. Although it certainly won’t ease the pain and grief the family feels, it can help punish the person who committed the act and bring them a sense of closure. We’ve successfully handled many of these cases over the years with the compassion and responsiveness the family needs in their time of sorrow.

Ways in Which Negligence Contributes to a Wrongful Death

Following are some of the ways in which a driver is negligent and causes a wrongful death:

  • A speeding driver is unable to stop in time to avoid a motorcyclist fatality.
  • The driver has been drinking, which means they lack the judgment and reflexes to stop in time to prevent a collision.
  • The driver is fatigued and reacts slowly when an emergency arises, which can cause a motorcyclist fatality.
  • The motorist is texting and not looking at the road ahead, which can lead to a motorcyclist fatality. 

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