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Motorcycle Safety: Blind Spot Monitoring

Radar Technology for Safer Rides

The year 2021 looks to bring several new options for safety enhancement in motorcycling.  A radar system developed by Bosch and used by BMW and Ducati will give their top-of-the-line bikes a comprehensive picture of what is going on around the rider, including in their blind spot.  This technology will come at a price.  The Bosch radar system will come as standard equipment on the 2021 BMW R1250RT and the Ducati Multistrada V4.  

Watch the YouTube video uploaded by Bosch highlighting their rider-assisting technology.

Rider Special Awareness With Aftermarket Cameras

Another company, Israeli-based RideVision, is also hoping to offer some level of spatial awareness in aftermarket form.  Their product will not be as sophisticated and integrated as the Bosch system and will be available as a bolt-on addition. The RideVision product will use cameras rather than radars in its safety system.  There is no adaptive cruise control (ACC) with the RideVision product.  Rather, it employs wide-angle cameras on the rear and front of the motorcycle.  The cameras are connected to their own computer unit and alert lights that are mounted on the mirrors.  The cameras will monitor and analyze the traffic around the bike and flash warnings via the mirror lights if the bike is getting too close to other vehicles, is approaching another vehicle too quickly, or if there is a vehicle lurking in the rider’s blind spot.

The RideVision cameras also can record rides similar to a dashcam.  This could come in handy if there is an accident or just to capture entertaining footage. The manufacturer says there is close to 360-degree coverage between the rear and front with the wide-angle lenses.

RideVision’s patents state that their technology could be used in conjunction with ACC, which would result in a true rival to the Bosch radar system.

More Companies Getting On Board

Other companies are working on getting their own blind spot monitoring systems on the market.  Innovv has a product called ThirdEye, and Senzar has a similar product, both of which were shown at Las Vegas’s 2019 Consumer Electronics Show.  Both of those products use ultrasonic sensors similar to those that work as parking sensors on passenger vehicles.  The sensors only function toward the rear of the bike.  This technology is not new: a model of 2015 BMW scooters came equipped with a similar system.

Manufacturer-Equipped Cameras

More and more, vehicle manufacturers are selling their cars already equipped with cameras, some of which work in tandem with vehicle safety systems.  Now, motorcycle manufacturers are starting to do the same. The new 1200 cc cruiser from Benelli comes equipped with rear and front cameras as safety features.  

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