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Motorcycle Rider Killed Saturday Morning in Stockton Crash


Motorcycle Rider Killed Saturday Morning in Stockton Crash

I’m Ed Smith, a Stockton motorcycle accident attorney. A motorcycle rider was killed on Saturday morning in a crash involving a truck, according to Stockton police.

What Happened?

The Stockton Police Department said that the accident occurred around 4:16am on Saturday morning in the area of West Lane and Enterprise Street. When police arrived on scene the paramedics were working to save the motorcycle rider’s life. Police said that the rider, an adult male, was transported to a local hospital. The man died from his traumatic injuries. The San Joaquin County Coroner’s Office has not released the rider’s identity. No further information is available about the crash.

Our heartfelt sympathies go out to the friends and family of the motorcyclist during this difficult time.

The Dangers of Riding a Motorcycle

Riding a motorcycle is one of the most dangerous ways to get to work or school outside of being a pedestrian. The lack of protection around your body is one of many reasons why motorcycle riding is so incredibly dangerous. Despite the dangers, millions of people are registered riders in the state of California, where wearing a helmet is required by law. Some of the other dangers of riding a motorcycle are discussed below.

High Rate of Speed Through Corners

Cornering your motorcycle is an important skill to learn for riders of all experience levels. Motorcyclists should never take corners at high rates of speed. This can lead to skidding, which can throw you off your bike and into oncoming traffic. You also cannot operate too slowly into a corner or else the bike won’t be able to handle the curve.

Distracted Drivers

Distracted drivers are a big danger to motorcycle riders. Distracted driving can include more than talking or texting on a mobile phone. It can also include eating, drinking, shaving, talking to passengers, changing the radio station and more. If you see a vehicle approaching that appears to be operated by a distracted driver, honk your horn twice to get their attention so they know there is a motorcycle in the vicinity.

Debris on the Road

Debris on the road can present serious obstacles for motorcyclists. This includes sticks, stones, gravel, potholes, roadkill, and dirt. All of these items can cause a motorcycle to roll or get involved in a serious accident leading to injuries and even death.

The Blind Spot

The blind spots on cars and trucks can be deadly for motorcyclists. If you find yourself in the blind spot of a vehicle, do your best to get out of it as safely as possible. This can be done by passing the vehicle swiftly and putting yourself in a more visible position in a new lane of travel.

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