Motorcycle Responsibility


Motorcycle Responsibility

I’m Ed Smith, a Paradise motorcycle accident attorney. Here are some tips to practicing good motorcycle responsibility:

Learning to Share the Road

There are many different types of vehicles that use our nation’s roadways. Whether small, big, long, or short, cooperation between all types is necessary to keep our roadways safe. Motorcycles are often riding the smallest vehicles on the road and practicing safe riding techniques are needed to increase their visibility and avoid injury. It is the responsibility of the motorcyclist to practice defensive driving and to anticipate and minimize risky scenarios and personal injury.

Know your rights as a Motorcyclist

Riding a motorcycle can be a fun way to get from one place to another or ride just for the pleasure of it. What isn’t fun is being in an accident and paying for medical expenses. If you have been involved in an accident, learn about your rights as a motorcyclist here.

Get the Necessary Licenses

If you have ever operated a motorcycle, you know that it is a very unique experience from driving a car. Each takes separate knowledge and skill sets. The state recognizes this as well and requires an additional license endorsement in order to operate a motorcycle legally. The endorsement can be obtained by passing a written test at your local DMV, although some states require taking a riding education course as well.

Practice Riding Before Taking to the Roads

Every motorcycle handles and responds differently. This is why it is important to know your bike before being caught in risky situations. Get to know what your riding in a parking lot or street with low traffic where you can learn the bike at your own level of comfort.

Keep your Motorcycle Running Properly

Make sure the necessary maintenance is complete on your bike before planning to ride. Some maintenance to complete before every ride is checking your tires air pressure and the amount of gasoline in the tank. Soft tires greatly affect the responsiveness of your bike and running out of gas in the middle of nowhere is a humbling experience that is best to avoid.

Wearing the Right Gear

Riding is an inherently dangerous activity. This is why protective gear is always important to wear while riding. The most important and basic of protective gear is a helmet. Always wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle. Make sure that the helmet you own is the right size and fits properly. Your helmet should also meet the DOT standard. The DOT symbol can be found on the backside of the helmet. This certifies that your helmet has the best chance at protecting your head during a motorcycle accident.

Another important piece of riding gear is a motorcycle jacket. Good motorcycle jackets have a thicker material that adds protection in the event of a motorcycle crash. Other items such as gloves, boots, and pants are additional items that offer protection to all riders.

Motorcycle Responsibility While Riding

The difference between an experienced motorcyclist and a novice is the number of risks they take while riding. Know the laws of the road and make sure to never operate a motorcycle at excessive speeds. Never ride in ways that are unpredictable. Always assume that the drivers around you cannot see you, and act accordingly. Always ride your motorcycle with the headlights on to increase visibility. Never operate a motorcycle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. These substances impede your judgment and ability to react to dangerous situations.

Statistics of Motorcycle Fatalities

According to the Governers Highway Safety Association, 4837 motorcylce fatalities occured in the nation in 2015. That is a 6% increase from the previous year. California’s numbers decreased by 6% from 2014 to 2015 from 527 to 489. GHSA reports that fatality rates for motorcyclists were 26 times more probable to die in a crash than those driving passenger vehicles, per mile driven.

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